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July 2010

Northern schnauzer fun day out 18/07/10

This is us in our new coats mum bought us for our holidays (just in case) and we got new collars and leads too. We're going to look real cool.



This is me looking a little intimidated by the standard schnauzers.



The three amigos: George, me and Sparkle.



Mum says I'm such an handsome boy.



Mum and dad took us to the fun day out and we had a great day. George played with Sparkle most of the day but they are too rough for me. I met loads of other schnauzers, some I like, some I was a bit scared of. I had to stay on my lead most of the time though because all the smells got me so excited and I couldn't hear mum calling me back. They are mean sometimes.


Here's a link to the rest of the photos from our fun day out:


Sunday 25/07/10

We went outside and dad was opening the car doors again. OMG we'll be miniature, miniature schnauzers at this rate!


Mum said we're not going as far today, we're off to the reservoir. We got in, had a short ride and went to one of our walks. This is more like it, I knew we would be walking too far today, then we went back home to make Sunday dinner.


Before dinner, our aunty and nephew came round and George played for ages, then he kept wanting to cuddle me. I like mum and dad cuddling me, I'm not sure about my nephew. When they went we tucked into our dinner. Mmmmm that should fill a gap. Then I walked with dad to granddads, while George stayed with mum.


Trip to the seaside 24/07/10

Today we went to the seaside. Mum said we weren't staying this time but would be in a few weeks. We got very excited when we got there and mum told us to calm down.


We walked for hours, even I was tired, I think I surprised mum. She said we were very good and I only went once to a to dog and dad told me off. Mum and dad stopped for a sandwich and gave us a bit of meat and biscuits, then we turned back. George kept finding things to play with but I'm not bothered about that.


On the way back we passed the chip shop and George dragged mum to the door. George wanted some chips but mum said it was closed. Makes a change George begging for food and not me. 


We slept all the way and called for a very short walk near home.



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Things I love: Food glorious food. Treats. Walkies. Mummy, daddy and George (when he's not too rough). Cuddles and attention, lots of attention. Having my chest tickled, it makes me laugh and rub my eyes :-) Travelling in the car (there's usually a walk involved) Snuggling up with mum and dad in bed at the weekend. Licking the remains of George's food out of his beard. (See my poem 'Love and hate' further down)

Things I hate: Being bullied. Nasty dogs. The stray dogs round the pond. Rain. Bath time. (See my poem 'Love and hate' further down)

My favourite walks: Yes I love walks, the longer the better. Then when I go home, have a nap, I'm ready for another. Running in the fields, in the woods, anywhere I can run with the wind in my beard. The seaside and the beach, there's so many interesting smells. (avoid the rock pools though!)

Other pets who share my home: George, Black Miniature Schnauzer.

My favourite saying: Biscuit. Walkies. Dinner.

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 06/08/2005
Owner: schnauzer
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