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I started life in a horrible place, I was taken away from my real Mummy and sent to live with lots of brown things apart from the colour they looked just like me!  I could hear lots of other dogs all around me but until my new family came and looked at me I did not realise quite how many?! My new Mummy lifted me up and she gave me a cuddle but she put me down and left. I was heart broken!! The next day the man that was with my new Mummy came back!! He took me in what I now know is called a car and we left the nasty place and started moving. I cried on the way and I managed to wet on the mans knee. I now know that he is my Daddy. 

I was allowed to play outside in the garden for a little while then I went and had a nap on my new Daddies knee. After a couple of hours my Mummy came home and she cried when she saw me as she didn't know I was going to be there!! Mummy went into panic mode and had to go and buy me things I needed like toys and bedding. Also Mummy realised that I had a few nasties on me and had to get flea treatment quickly.

Mummy says I came from a puppy farm but she was so upset that she did not take me with her as she didn't really want a puppy for a few more weeks that Daddy surprised her and fetched me for her 30th birthday.  So I was a present and Mummy says I am the best present ever.




I have included lots of online friends as since I moved house I am missing all my old pals!!!


I am just starting to make new friends but it is all with girls and they chase me and bully me!


I have just added a picture of the cat that shares my house!! She thinks that it is her house and she is the boss!!!




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Things I love: Swimming, Swimming and more Swimming!! Spending time with my Mum!! Food!!!!( I am a Labrador!!!)

Things I hate: Mum and Dad going to work!!! When Mum and Dad won't let me play with new friends that I meet!!

My favourite walks: Anywhere where there my be water!!!

Other pets who share my home: Mischief the cat!! She is 7 and thinks she owns the house!

My favourite saying: Live for today!!( especially if it could involve swimming)

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 09/03/2005
Owner: sueandbarney
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