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Foster mum Amy!!


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I remember mum & dad taking me to their house & a big dogs head came down & looked at me & I got a fright so snapped at it, I was so worried it might hurt me so I would nipp first. But he was ok & mum used to sit on the floor & play with us & soon I realised Harry was to nice & would never hurt me so we became best friends, so much so We no longer wanted to stay in Mum & dads room at night we shared the sofa. But mum soon noticed I did not walk properly & took me to the vets they kept me I do not remember what happened apart from I had a good sleep, but when mum came for me they told her I had Arthritis possibley caused by an injury while very young.before mum got me so I have medicine for that.  I try to be good but when I see a strange dog the hairs on my back go up & I want to run at them to say I am not frightened of you, but some times the dog will turn on me & I have to roll on my back.


I do love puppies tho, I have never had my own but love to wash & carry any pup I meet, When Minnie came I thought she was for me so I tried to pick her up but Mum said that was not allowed.


I am only 8yr but feel older as I have Arthritis, Thyriod & skin Trouble, I need that many tablets that I rattle when I walk.  Like Harry I love the Caravan & love sitting out on the Veranda just watching. & even tho some days I can not go for a walk mum or Dad will make it up to me by giving me a lovely body rub,


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Things I love: Food, people, my Ball, my family

Things I hate: Other Dogs, baths Vets

My favourite walks: every walk

Other pets who share my home: Harry

My favourite saying: Dinner, Ball ,Caravan,

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 01/05/2000
Owner: Mamyamy
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