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Minnie a big dog in little body

Live's life to the full


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I was 12 weeks old & my then dad put me in a box & then drove me some where, then we went into a house with a lady & man waiting for us, they were all smiles & saying Arrrr OOOh sweet, then the lady took me in her arms & I thought hang on I know that smell, wait it will come to me how??? Ah yes they came to see me & my sister & she nursed me to sleep. Then my old dad left & I thought whoooops he forgot me!! but next 2 huge dogs stuck their nose's into me, the brown one kept turning me over then whoa she got me by the neck & took me to her bed & started washing me all over! Hehehehe it was nice, Her name was Amy she said I will be your mum now so dont worry, So I never missed my old place as Amy climbed into training crate with me & we slept all night together. Harry he played with me & would lie on his back so I could reach his face. My name was Loulou but after 3 days my mum said she is so small & & little terror I think we will call her Minnie,  minnieminx...Lol   I have landed on my feet here, loving mum & dad, brilliant brother & sister weekends at the caravan were lots of boys & girls call for me & I get to play out with them.


I am growing up now & mum talking about me mating with a lovely boy called Algernon, met his mum & his daughter Winifred & they are nice hope he likes me as mum says all going well I can keep 1 of my daughter's to live & play with. Just have to stop Amy pinching  Any way will let you know what happens.



Well I am now 6 weeks pregnant, Thats my scan pup in top right corner & vets think there is 2 showing & may be more. But it has been touch & go for my pups survival, As about 5 days after mating I became very ill & spent short time in Hospital, I could not keep my balance & kept have tiny fits also I went blind in the right eye. Blood tests showed nothing but some thing was inflaming my brain so vet put me on Steroids & within 2 days I improved & stopped falling over eye sight returned, Then Graham the vet said he was 90% sure I had steroid responsive menegitis, non contagious & would not show up in blood test. graham said I more than likely lose my babys as all the drugs I had taken could cause abortion. After 3 weeks they weaned me off steroids & for 1 week I was good then 1 day I took a mild fit & fell off the sofa, Mum rushed me straight back to Vets, They give me booster shot of steroid & put me back on steroid tablets. Then mum noticed I was getting bigger & my teats were growing & changing colour, So I had my scan & there they were Pups...........!! Mum & Vet were laughing & kissing me with excitement, But had they just asked me I would have told them I was pregnant, Thats why I would not run around & fun fight with Harry & Amy, or go out on long walks or go out in the cold??I was protecting my babys.  So with luck I will have beautiful Bubbas on 6 Jan 09.


I must tell you about my stay with Gwen!  Lol I was a right Diva.......When she was feeding me I would run around demanding to be fed in different places, some times kitchen,or lounge,or porch, I even went to the bottom of her garden & Gwen ran down there with my lunch..hahahahaha it was so funny. 1 day I would like roast chicken but the next day I would not eat it....So Gwen would make me some thing else!!!  She had her nephew staying & I got to sleep in his bed it was great.  I liked Algernon very much he was lovely with me real gentleman.  There was loads of other pugs there,some very old & some young, They all go some were called a show, & run round in circles then some one called a judge feels all over them & if he likes them they win. I dont fancy that no way.


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Things I love: Eating,playing,my family, meeting other dog's

Things I hate: Water,cold,

My favourite walks: Any where my family go

Other pets who share my home: Harry & Amy

My favourite saying: Dinner,treats, caravan

Breed: Pug
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 29/04/2007
Owner: minniemee
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