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Suzi - Mum's Puppy dog 15/5/2004 - 13/4/2017

Sugar Babe - the Love of my Mum's Life


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September 2014

My Mum keeps forgetting to come on here and update what is happening in my life.  I've had a great summer we were at Aunty Ann's caravan in Crail. They lost my friend Angus he's gone to Rainbow Bridge and playing with Rhys. The now have another Scottie and he's called Robbie, he has been to my house. We have also been at the Lake District where I had a fabulous time and so did Mum as she was in her glory as in one day we met 9 Schnauzers from 11weeks to 11 years. It was so embarrassing as Mum was over the top but then she always is when she meets a Schnauzer.  She even ran after a couple with a Puppy in their arms, shouting is that a Mini Schnauzer and it was and Mum chatted to the owners for ages, while Dad & I shivered. To be honest it wasnt that cold but Mum even had a cuddle with this puppy, I just looked. I think Mum wants another Puppy.


Before we went on holiday we met a lady with a Black & Silver mini Schnauzer called Benito, then when we came home we met them again have actually met them lots of times anyway his Mum asked where I got groomed so he came with us last week when I went to Jennifer, it took twice as long as I had to stay until Mum came back for us both. Then I heard his Mum saying that she would need to get a Doggy walker for him and guess what Mum said she would walk him so now he comes to my house three days a week as his Mum goes to work and has no one to look after him, so we go for walks together. I dont like when he plays with my toys so I'm a wee bit grumpy then but we do run around together in the garden as the weather has been so good. When he comes Mum gives him lots of cuddles as he snuggles into her when he is on the couch. He has even stayed over for a few days while his Mum was on holiday.


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Things I love: Lying at the window when Mum is out to watch for her coming back. Sometimes pretend that I am sleeping here, I toast in the sun but then it can get too hot so then I have to move to the couch where Mum has left my doggy blanket it too is so cosy to sleep on. Lots and lots of cuddles from Mum. FOOD, and my Beddy Bear it goes everywhere with me. Going in the car - and being spoiled.!! Going for WALKS we are out about 4 times a day. My Mum - just spoils me lots

Things I hate: Having a Bath!!! But now its the shower as our bath has gone!! Being brushed Going to be groomed Fireworks!!!!!!. Neighbour's CAT in my GARDEN

My favourite walks: Going to the Beach at Prestwick, other times we go to the park or the playing fields. I used to run away from Mum and she would get angry with me but I've not done it for a while. In fact Mum says I'm really good now.

Other pets who share my home: NONE at the moment! but Mum is always saying she would like another 'puppy dog' but there could only be one like ME and I really don't want to share my MUM ..... so maybe she won't bother as Dad says NO WAY!! as he says that one of me is enough for them! Guess I'm an 'only' dog

My favourite saying: Where's Beddy Bear? Going for a walk?? Do you want something? That's when I get a Treat Do you want to come with me that's when Mum takes me in the CAR

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Past friend
Sex: Female
Birthday: 15/05/2004
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: christined
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