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Suzi - Mum's Puppy dog 15/5/2004 - 13/4/2017

Sugar Babe - the Love of my Mum's Life


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Woof  Woof I'm Suzi    -  Born 15th May 2004

My Mum was so so desperate to have a dog but George her 0/H said they had to wait until they had both retired from work but when he retired early in May 2004............. Mum nagged him all the time!! She just couldnt wait so she tells me - in fact every day she asked! but he always said NO!!  NO!!  he was a right spoil sport BUT one Friday night Mum came home from work and asked him if they could go to Carlisle in the morning ! what for he asked? Stupid question - to look at puppies - well this time he did say YES !!!!!  Mum couldn't believe it.  She was finally going to look at puppies. So on Saturday 10th July 2004 they came to see me.  I was the only girl left and as Mum wanted a girl SHE said she was taking me home with them afterall they weren't coming all that distance and going back without a puppy dog!!.  Well Mum wasn't.!!  She had waited such a long time for this day.  I just cuddled into Mum - and slept all the way home 80miles !!! Mum could not believe how good I was - sleeping for this length of time in the car guess I must of been 'puppy' tired but then I was only 8 weeks old - just a puppy DOG see below that's my first week.  My Kennel Club name is Sugar Babe but Mum has called me Suzi


I spent the next few days  settling into my new home but I wasn't so happy at night when I was left on my own in the kitchen as this was where I was to  sleep. I CRIED. It was so lonely as I was still missing my doggie brothers but Mum came and sat with me the first couple of nights until I fell asleep but then as she was about to leave I would wake up then Mum would stay another bit longer and this went on for most of the night but eventually I fell asleep as I was so so tired.  Mum never got much sleep the first few nights. But I soon realised that this was where I was to sleep at night and settled. It was so good to see Mum in the morning for a cuddle & get my breakfast.    


 This is me playing in  the garden.  Also I needed a lot of sleep at first it was very tiring as I was just a baby.   

Below is me when I was just 8 weeks old it was my first week at my new home. I was sleeping in this picture.

Below is me as a puppy watching for my Mum coming home as Mum still had to go to work.  Dad looked after me during the day. From up here I could also see what was happening outside ....... sometimes I still sit up here as I get a good view from here. I can see through into the kitchen and see out the window from here





This is me below watching for the birds sometimes the neighbour's cat has a wander in but then I just have to chase it away. There was one day I chased a baby bird into the house Mum was scared I was going to  a kill it as I had it in my mouth.  Fortunately Daddy was in that day and removed it out of the house.     Don't know what Mum would of done!!!















Another puppy picture - I liked to sit here and check 'who came into the garden!  sometimes the birds came down on the grass and I would chase them.   But then maybe I will just venture out to that garden that is for me....

Below I am having a nap as I was so tired. I am a bit older in this one......                                 








This is me with my Mum having a cuddle and my tummy tickled.  I know that I am very 'special' to  Mum as she waited a long time to get her 'Puppy Dog'.  She told me she lost her Mum to Breast Cancer in 2002 and that she needs me for company now as her other half is always out on  the golf course!

When her Mum was in the Hospice the doctor there had a Schnauzer and that is why  Mum wanted me. Also I'm called Suzi after (her Mum's Mum) so I'm really really 'special 'and Mum loves me to bits as I keep her company and give her lots of cuddles.

Now Mum doesn't go to work anymore (think she retired) so she looks after me and we have plenty of walks together every day especially if Dad is golfing but then somedays we all go out in the car for the day and we go to the Beach or the big park.  Its great! I am so so spoiled..... 




This is me waiting to go for a walk - come on Mum!   Its starting to RAIN ..  and I'm waiting for my walk  !!!!!










One night when Mum was going to bed she couldn't find me,  I was hiding in the spare bedroom  - this spare     room should really be mine as the bed is so comfy. But Mum moved me she's spoil sport sometimes but my own bed is also comfy and now I get to sleep at Mum's side of the bed and sometimes I dream and snore !!!!!! also sometimes I jump up on the bed during the night but just to check that they are still there and then I go back to my own bed....til the morning!  

Below is me with my Beddy Bear who sleeps with me all the time. He's my favourite toy and he goes everywhere with me.  



My bed is beside my Mum  now at her side of the bed.  Every morning I wake them up at the same time.  Mum says they don't need the alarm clock as I have a time clock in me. When Mum goes for her shower I have a cuddle with Dad and wait for Mum.  Then I'm normally down the stairs before she has her foot on the bottom step!   Mum gives me my breakfast. Then I have to wait until she dries her hair and gets dressed before we have our first walk of the day.  Its so peaceful then and so many smells outside on our first walk of the day.




 I was frightened of the fireworks (Nov 2008) it was so noisy!!






 Below is me lying at the back door, I'm actually sunbathing! Summer 2006


Here I am again keeping the chair warm for Mum coming back.  (summer 2008)








 16th November 2008 & WHAT A WEEK - its been - first my Mum left me in the kennels for two nights!! while she went off and celebrated her birthday with special friends. It seemed like a life time but was glad when they came back for me plenty of cuddles from Mum. (She misses me so much) Then on Monday morning Mum left me at the Dog House for a BATH as I was smelly after my weekend.   Then on Thursday Mum took me to Jennifer my groomer and she made me all pretty but I just hate going as she is so like Barbara Woodhouse hopefully next week we will get some walks and then we are all going away for the weekend but this time I am going too to visit my Doggy friends - Angus (a Scottie) & Rhys ( a Welsh Terrier) who I used to play with when they stayed here but they have now moved as their Mum & Dad have 'retired' to Fife. It will be good to see them wonder if they will remember me! Mum tells me that we will all be playing on the beach.  Rhys used to try and hump me even though he's had the snip!  think I will enjoy seeing them.

What a great weekend I had, it was great meeting up with Angus & Rhys, they remembered me, but I had to put Rhys in his place and show him that I was the boss. 

We had long walks on the beach, when we got back we were all so tired and Rhys went into my bed for a snooze.  Mum wanted me to cuddle in beside him but I didn't.    As we were staying with friends Mum didn't let me up on their bed and it was very cold during the night - minus 5 and then minus 3 when we were on the beach. We hope to go back again in the summer when it will be warmer. 

They have a caravan at Crail and said we can go there for our holidays so it will be good as we will have plenty walks on the beach.


December 2008.......update...... Mum has been cleaning the house top to bottom then she put up a tree and told me it's Christmas!!.   


She told me Betty and Ian (Mum's special friends) were coming Ian always torments me and I bark and Mum gets so angry with me. Surprise surprise  I was very good as this time as I didn't BARK when they were here Mum thinks it was because she let me out the front door to meet them before they rang the door bell as that way I invited them in to my house!. 

We all went out for long walks but they went out at night and left me for a short time.   

On Sunday morning Mum had the table all set for the breakfast but they were taking so long and I got fed up waiting for them to go and eat.  So I disappeared but then .......Mum found me .....WHERE ....up on the ....TABLE yes I was on the TABLE  !!!!!!!!   with my face in the bowl of yoghurt boy it was so yummy and it was all over my beard, I had nearly finished it when Mum caught me she was a right spoil sport - she shouted at me picked me up off the table and smacked me she's never done that before guess she was very angry with me ! !.   She was mad just as well she had another carton of yogurt for the breakfast.

January 2009 - Tuesday 20th - This morning Mum was up early she went and left me with Dad but he took me out for my first walk then he went and left me.  Mum was away getting her hair cut but she wasn't long till she was back.

Then they both brushed me told me I was going out in the car, little did I know that I was going to Jennifer to get groomed it doesn't seem that long since I was there. She also gives me a bath now Mum left me there and came back for me after they had gone for their lunch.

I was so pleased to see Mum when she came back I gave her hugs and kisses it seemed a long time that they had been away but Mum says I look so pretty now that I have been groomed as I was looking so scruffy. Since we got back I have been sleeping as its been a hard day!!!! and I am so tired.


24th February 2009 .........It's been a sad week, Mum has been very sad since the weekend as on Saturday (21st Feb) we heard that 'Bobby' has slept away in his Daddy's arms we are so sad as we have lost a good friend. He was one of my friends on WNS, he was a  Mini Schnauzer like me but black but  I am Pepper &  Salt. ................Perhaps I will meet him again .................. at Rainbow Bridge day.......

Mum's special friends are visiting next weekend (7th March) so that will cheer Mum up,  I will need to be on my best behaviour as I was a naughty girl last time, bet Mum won't leave the bowl of yoghurt on the table this time. She did at Christmas and I enjoyed it.....but I will be watching.!!!!


Mum's friends came but we didn't get out for walks as the weather was bad so cold and snowing. Mum said I was a good girl as again I didn't bark don't tell Mum but I'm growing up.


Easter weekend Mum went away and left me but it wasn't for long just an overnight. Its great as then Mum spoils me with cuddles and extra walks when she gets back think she feels guilty.


Here I am in one of my favourite positions I sit here a lot as I

love to look out the window and watch the world go by!

Friday 15th May 2009 -  Apparently I am a birthday girl today, Mum tells me that I am now 5.  We were supposed to be going to the beach today, but the rain came on and we never went instead Mum took me out for some walks in between the showers but she has promised that the first decent day we get we will be off and have our day out.


We all went out the other day Mum took me to the big park and I wandered around for ages, plenty of rabbit and squirrel sniffs it was good and what a long walk we all had. It was great I was so tired when I got home.

Mum took me out in the car last week but it wasn't long until I found out where we were going - another visit  to Jennifer to be groomed again doesn't seem that long since I was there. Below is the photo that was taken when we got home.




My doggy friends Angus & Rhys came to our house yesterday as their Mum was busy. Someone came to our door and rang the door bell and Rhys and I got out and ran away, Mum was panic stricken but Dad came after us and we were back in the house in seconds although it seemed like ages for Mum. Later we all went for a walk but Mum struggled with 3 dogs then it was back for a snooze.  


That Rhys settled into my BED! again what a cheek. I just watched from the window sill.






And as for Angus he's so laid back he just stretched outfor a sleep until his Mum & Dad came back but it was good to see them again.















Today 1st June 2009 we all went out in the car heard Mum saying that it was their Wedding Anniversary and they were having lunch out. Thought I was going to be left at home but they took me with them. First we had a walk at Prestwick Beach then they went for lunch where we all sat outside as it was a lovely day. After lunch we went to another beach where I was off the lead and running around. Mum was paddling in the sea and I went in then jumped up and made Mum all wet. It was so good as it cooled me down.  I was so tired that I slept all the way home. Another great day!  Think there is going to be more days out as I hear them saying that they are going to different places this year.

Today another of my doggy friends came, Mum's friend Ray came with Benji, he ran upstairs, Mum ran up after him as he did this the last day he was in but today Mum wanted to see what he was doing upstairs so she caught him lifting his leg he did a pee! making his mark in our house. Mum was angry so glad that she has a girl dog. Then we were out in the garden and he lifted his leg about 4/5 times in a short space of time I never do my 'business' in the garden.

Yesterday we all went to the big park, I had a great time as we did the walk twice and I was off the lead and disappeared....could hear Mum calling my name and Dad was whistling but I eventually came into sight but my paws were all mucky, when I got home my paws were put in a basin of water.

Think we are going on holiday soon as I hear Mum talking about it so watch this space........................

Also heard Mum saying that Angus & Rhys are coming to our house again, so we have to doggy sit them on Monday, then we are going away for a few days to the Caravan.  Mum is looking forward to a break and I will be on the go all the time......we are going soon heard Mum tonight ..its a week on Wednesday hope the weather is good.

Angus & Rhys were here again yesterday, but it was so wet that we did not get out to play in the garden.  They both took all my toys out of my toy box and played with them infact Angus chewed bits off my squeeky toy so now its in the bin but I don't play much with the toys as I have my favourite which is Beddy Bear but Rhys had it in his mouth and shook it so hard.  Then he was in my bed again!!

Well Mum has been packing today so guess they are going off somewhere but heard that I am going with them so not long now.....

June 2009 - Back from Crail had a week in a caravan, I was with Mum 24/7 it was good. Out everyday for walks on the beach, dipped my paws in the water. Angus & Rhys were in swimming but not for me, silly dogs they got all wet. I only fell in a small pool.  When we were at the harbour Dad climbed up steps and I went up after him. Then I looked down and jumped off the 6ft wall to Mum she sure did get a big fright but I was fine.

This is the wall that I jumped off but I was none the worse.



We met a big black Giant Schnauzer that Mum could not stay away from so I barked and eventually she left it alone.   Well we are home now so I have been sleeping like a 'dog' since I got back also its too hot for long walks.

This week Mum has been crying again she tells me that I have lost another doggy friend Elli from DFB so sad but Mum says she will be at Rainbow bridge with Bobby.

8th July - Mum was angry with me as she was just about to have a coffee and she had a piece of caramel shortcake her favourite sitting on the arm of the couch beside her - I could smell it 'mmmm' next minute I was on my hind legs and away with it - never got it all as Mum got it out of my mouth - Spoil Sport - another smack she was angry with me - Mum should know that she still can't trust me!!!

   Have been staying close to Mum since Monday they left me in the kennels for an overnight while they went to a party in the Borders.  It wasn't so bad this time as Sandra was there she lives near us and I have met her a few times when out for walks with Mum. It is good to be home and we have been out for plenty walks this week so have forgiven them.

 Friday 31st July. - no golf today so we went out in the car to the big park for a walk, I was off the lead and was running about free. Mum thought I was going to disappear but I was quite good today. The rain came on just as we had finished the walk so Mum never got sitting out for her lunch.



Above is me with Beddy Bear and here below is a picture of Sparkle she is one of my doggy friends on DFB....think she has my 'puppy dog' in her mouth

26th Aug 2009

It a wet day and have only had one walk, think there is something going on as Mum has clothes everywhere and the suitcases are out. Have been lying looking out of the window all morning at the rain and I am looking SAD!


28th Aug 2009 - Just knew something was going on, Mum has taken me to the kennels today as they are off on holiday for 2 weeks!!!!!. Know that Mum will miss me, but she has asked  Sandra who works in the kennels to give me lots of cuddles while I'm there as I will miss Mum.


13th Sept 2009 - Mum and Dad came to collect me today, I was so so excited at seeing them as I missed them so much while they were away.  I was whimpering and crying Mum says she won't leave me again.  We'll see!!!     We have had loads of walks this week guess we are making up for lost time.



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Things I love: Lying at the window when Mum is out to watch for her coming back. Sometimes pretend that I am sleeping here, I toast in the sun but then it can get too hot so then I have to move to the couch where Mum has left my doggy blanket it too is so cosy to sleep on. Lots and lots of cuddles from Mum. FOOD, and my Beddy Bear it goes everywhere with me. Going in the car - and being spoiled.!! Going for WALKS we are out about 4 times a day. My Mum - just spoils me lots

Things I hate: Having a Bath!!! But now its the shower as our bath has gone!! Being brushed Going to be groomed Fireworks!!!!!!. Neighbour's CAT in my GARDEN

My favourite walks: Going to the Beach at Prestwick, other times we go to the park or the playing fields. I used to run away from Mum and she would get angry with me but I've not done it for a while. In fact Mum says I'm really good now.

Other pets who share my home: NONE at the moment! but Mum is always saying she would like another 'puppy dog' but there could only be one like ME and I really don't want to share my MUM ..... so maybe she won't bother as Dad says NO WAY!! as he says that one of me is enough for them! Guess I'm an 'only' dog

My favourite saying: Where's Beddy Bear? Going for a walk?? Do you want something? That's when I get a Treat Do you want to come with me that's when Mum takes me in the CAR

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Past friend
Sex: Female
Birthday: 15/05/2004
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: christined
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