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Best friendsYou wouldn't know it from the picture, but Cassie and I are the best of friends, we were just making the most of the seats in the campervan.


We sit on these seats when we're travelling - we have very special seat belts of our own to keep us safe - and can see out of the windows to check what's going on.


When we're 'pitched up' we usually take over the driver and passenger seats as they are the most comfy ones.






Here we are again, this time surveying the estate and watching the birds feeding in the snow. We would have liked to go out and chase them but we weren't allowed to do that they can be real spoil sports sometimes!


My big sister, Cassie, died a few months ago. I am very lonely now but managing to make the most of it as I get ALL the cuddles and don't have to share.


She had been poorly for a while and had lost her sight but was still very bossy, I do miss her she was my best friend xx


I am getting old myself and am covered in lumps and bumps but still managing to get around the humans for extra treats. I have a stroller so I don't have to do too much walking when I don't feel able to go to far.


I still love going to the beach but don;t like paddling. I especially like it there as I usually end up having a chip treat, although they don't give me 'mushy peas' as, apparently, I make quite enough smells without having them! ;-)


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Things I love: Eating my breakfast. Eating my dinner. Loads and loads of cuddles!

Things I hate: Getting wet - I like paddling but I don't like being rained on! Not being fed.

My favourite walks: Any beach, 'cause we usually get a couple of chips each, after the walk!

Other pets who share my home: My big sister Cassie.

My favourite saying: Dinner time!

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Past friend
Birthday: 01/01/1900
Owner: Dog Friendly Britain
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