Travelling with your pet? Taking your pets abroad?

If you are preparing to travel abroad with your pet the Animal Welfare Foundation has created a simple guide to help you keep your pet safe. 

Their 'Taking Your Pets Abroad’ leaflet includes:

  • A pre-travel checklist
  • Advice on how to prevent common diseases transmitted by insects and ticks 
  • A guide to the Pet Travel Scheme


Start preparing for your trip now by downloading their leaflet:


We (we are not in any way connected to the Animal Welfare Foundation) believe that you should be aware that: Many diseases that occur abroad are not seen in the UK and several of them are transmitted by biting insects and ticks.


Pets living in the UK will not have met these diseases before travelling abroad and are likely to be highly susceptible.


The travel scheme allows for the free movement of pets from country to country but it is important that this should not be undertaken without serious thought.


You need to consider if your pet is likely to be affected by the stress of long-distance travel, the high temperatures in many southern European countries and the risk of exposure to diseases not encountered in the UK.


N.B.: It is important to understand that the Rabies vaccination and tapeworm treatment administered to fulfil the requirements of PETS are to protect human health. (source: Caravan Club Magazine - article 'Holidaying in Europe with your dog': April 2014)