CSJ tinctures hit the spot!


CSJ says their TurmerTinc! and No Ake! tinctures are becoming best sellers amongst their comprehensive herbal supplements range.

Like all their products, every ingredient is fully traceable and subject to rigorous quality control procedures - matching those required for human herbal tinctures.

For dogs experiencing acute stiffness of the joints or are perhaps getting over an injury the original powder form of No Ake! based on Devils Claw Root was already a very successful product then due to demand the tincture form was developed. Like the original No Ake! tincture is extremely effective and can provide that extra bit of help - without the need for steroids or pricey alternatives … and it won't upset the dog's tummy.

CSJ TurmerTinc! answers the need for a non-messy, highly effective turmeric tincture for dogs - Turmeric can be widely used to help maintain a dog's immune system, digestion, skin and joints while supporting the body's natural anti-inflammatory processes.

To maximise the many benefits of Turmeric, CSJ’s TurmerTinc! contains added Cracked Black Pepper. By including the compound Piperine in the Cracked Black Pepper, the transit of the Curcumin through the dog's digestive system is slowed which greatly increases its bioavailability.

Specially formulated by scientists and herbalists, TurmerTinc! is a simple-to-feed form of turmeric … no mixing, no mess!Bottom of Form

There’s no wonder that No Ake! tincture and TurmerTinc! are so popular!


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