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Dog Walking Freedom - It's in the Bag!


Dicky Bag, what is it?

It's a Dicky bag: a tough, clever, useful little device invented by Mandy Davies a mumtrepreneur.

Useful for what?

Revolutionising the dog walk, making it a pleasure again. Whether you’re using it to store your phone, wallet, keys, ball, leads or the original idea POOP you can enjoy your walk hands free, easily safely and odourlessly.

The Dicky Bag is the ultimate dog walking accessory!

Who says it’s good?

Graham Thompson from Trail Magazine says “After the dog lead it is the most useful piece of dog walking gear I have.  I never leave home without it.”


What’s your inspiration? 

Walking the Cornish Coast path with nasty plastic bags in my hand for hours and seeing the hedgerows full of plastic bags of dog poo where other people got fed up with carrying it.

Hence it has been designed and engineered in Cornwall and most importantly hand made in Cornwall.

Ok. So it's a little bag what does it do for me?

You will …

…never mind being the poop carrier again.

…look good, it’s made in fashionable colours.

…be able to join in the fun on the beach, the tree climbing and hand holding.

…have both hands free when walking the dog.

…be able to take deep breaths of fresh countryside air no niffs of poop.

…walk wherever you want to go regardless of bins.

...embrace friends with confidence knowing your poop bag is hidden.

…sit watching the world go by without the occasionally ugly waft.

…be able to enjoy picnics without a little black bag keeping you company. 

…be able to put your rubbish in the boot of your car without the risk of smells and leaks.

…free your tow bar from the little poop bags.

…walk from A to B never return to collect a little package; known by a customer as De Ja Poo!

…sit inside at cafés and pubs with confidence.

…feel free to wander in shops, in confidence.

…relax you're well prepared.

…be given a knowing nod from dog wardens and other Dicky Disciples.

…be proud you’re keeping the countryside clean.

Can I have more details?

We're hardened dog-walkers as well as fiendishly cunning designers; we know exactly what you need from such a bag. 

You need it to be practical, soft and tough, so it's made out of light, robust neoprene which means it’s not only leak proof it is also machine washable. You want plenty of room inside, so there's a large soft pocket in the lid to store an ample supply of any type of clean pick up bag so you’ll never be caught short.  We have even sourced a hand sanitizer that you can purchase which can also fit in the lid of medium sized bags and above.

In the bottom of the Dicky Bag you can store full bags of poo safe in the knowledge that no leaks or smells will escape.  There is a scented disc which can be placed in the bottom of the bag so that after it’s been used it will be fresh for your next walk. 

We don’t insist you use your Dicky Bag this way, it doesn’t come with full poop bags in it so the choice of use is up to you!!

Many of our customers have found different uses for it when out walking such as;

Treat bag

Lunch bag

Bottle store

Dog ball and lead bag

Money, keys and phone bag (the ultimate anti theft bag! Only a brave mugger would steal a poop bag!)

It needs to be a hands off operation, so there’s a universal clip that attaches to you, your dog harness, lead, rucksack or the bespoke strap, available online.  Your nose needn’t know what’s happening, we’ve got this unique odour prevention thing going on with airtight seams and rubber seal.

We thought of everything.

Sounds good? – you don’t know the half of it yet!

Made from genuine neoprene and hand sewn in Lostwithiel Cornwall.

Neoprene is designed to be worn next to the skin as it is the material wetsuits are made from it is soft, waterproof, robust and has airtight glued seams so you can store all sorts of things in it, especially those ugly bags of dog poo that we have to carry in our hands. 

The Dicky Bag comes in a wide selection of colours and sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) to reflect your needs and personality.

The added bonus of the Dicky Bag is it is lightweight weighing approx:

XS 70 grams or 2 ½ ounces

S 83 grams or 3 ounces

M 105 grams or 4 ounces

L 120 grams or 4 ½ ounces

XL 140 grams or 5 ounces

To put that in perspective a tennis ball weighs around 60gms or 2 ounces

The Dicky Bag is set to revolutionize the dog walk and make it a pleasant experience for everyone.

Although this product is often to be found in the pet section don’t be confused, it is not a product for your dog – it is totally a product for you the owner, treat yourself to a pleasant walk – you’re worth it!

Dog Walking Freedom – It’s in the Bag! 

I am convinced where do I get one?

You can buy Dicky Bags from or by 01637 874849 or 07958 289 729 or at selected National Trust Properties.