Champions get ready with CSJ

CSJ feeds Champions in every field and are reporting that top winners are getting ready for next season…


To perform at the highest level throughout the challenges of autumn and winter dogs need to be in tip-top condition.


Body weight, energy levels and general fitness all play a part in their success and owners of for example gundogs, sled dogs and Cani cross dogs have long trusted CSJ to provide a complete nutritional package for the needs of their dogs.


Every dog is different and CSJ’s comprehensive range enables their nutritional advisor to devise a bespoke regime for individual dogs - a typical example of a diet fed to a winning sled dog could be CSJ’s CP30 ration combined with their herb supplements Salmon Oil and STORM® Canis.


From Show Champions and Agility Champions to Sled dog Champions (not forgetting the three 2019 National Sheepdog Champions Arwyn Davies, Kevin Evans and Ricky Hutchinson) their successes are the actual proof that the proverbial proof of the pudding is in the eating.


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