CSJ still celebrating 20 years on!


20 years of involvement with the many dog sports have has given CSJ a unique insight into the needs of working and competing dogs and their handlers… and the excitement continues…

Founder Ceri Rundle says, “I never dreamed when starting the company after my father and I had searched fruitlessly for high quality affordable feeds for our own working sheepdogs that we would be feeding top dogs in all fields as we do today!

Over the last 20 years we have endeavored to give back to the diverse world of dog sports by supporting as many events as possible including gundog and sheepdog trials, sled dog rallies, dog shows, agility, flyball, canicross and heelwork to music and freestyle competitions.

We’ve lived through the highs and lows of our sponsored handlers’ experiences and our community includes World Champions, European Champions and record holders and our social media platforms have huge followings.

Our subscription free CSJ YouTube channel shows numerous films of top handlers competing and we’re looking forward to releasing series 2 of our own ‘A Way with Dogs’ sheepdog trial early this year.”

Ceri adds, “I have dogs living up to 18 years that have only ever been fed on my products … from the small beginning of the quest for products for my own dogs to over the last 20 years working closely with top UK nutritionists, herbalists and vets has been an amazing experience and we’re looking forward to continuing to celebrate the successes of all the users of our natural feeds, herbs and treats.”

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