Focus on the future?

CSJ have once again seen an increase in sales of their Focus! herbs.

Sales also boomed this time last year and CSJ say they put it down to competitors getting ready for the 2019 season’s competitions.

Known as ‘The secret training aid’, Focus! has become the ‘go to’ supplement for owners with dogs that are nervy, difficult or simply lacking in concentration.

The results speak for themselves in comments received from people like Martin Eubank of the Live Wires Flyball Team (3 x British Champions & former European Champions) who told them, "Focus! has made a real difference to my youngest 'excitable' high performance Flyball dog. After a short time on Focus! she was noticeably more controlled in the ring and concentrating significantly better on her racing. Focus! has significantly improved the consistency of my dog's performance, and I strongly recommend it." 

With users across the spread of canine sports, and contestants looking forward for example to the Aviemore Sled Dog Race in January plus those taking part in Agility, Obedience, Show and Flyball at Crufts in March, CSJ are keeping stocks high to meet demand.

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