Fireworks aren’t the only problem…


CSJ are warning pet owners that fireworks aren’t the only problem pets face at this time of year and now’s the time to start sprinkling their Calm Down! herbs on sensitive dogs’ food.

Festive gatherings of perhaps unfamiliar people, extra noise and excitement can all increase stress levels for many dogs - as can children’s games, high pitched voices or being left alone more frequently whilst owners are out partying.

Symptoms of anguish can be extreme panting, constant pacing, howling or barking, scraping the carpet or door, refusal to eat or drink, refusing to go outside, involuntary toileting, trying to hide or even running away.

But there’s help at hand… CSJ repeatedly hear about the benefits of Calm Down! in helping dogs cope with noise and other stressful situations such as car travel, being amongst other dogs, competition or shows. They say, “Some of the feedback we receive is almost too good to be true … here are a few examples…

“My Yorkie who is nearly 10 has always been quite nervous/anxious which seems to be getting worse with age. I had tried all the usual diffusers/sprays/ natural tablets etc. with little effect. I decided to try adding Calm Down to his evening meal. He was more than happy to eat it on his usual food and it does really seem to be helping. It has definitely taken the edge of his anxiety and he is now calmer when travelling in the car and more confident out and about when meeting other dogs and people. Wish I'd discovered it sooner, would have saved me a fortune!”

“I bought this supplement to try with our rescue 6 yr old GSD who is extremely anxious, nervous and leash reactive. The change in her behaviour has been amazing. She is far more relaxed and the training sessions are going so much better. Would highly recommend - it''s great to see her start to enjoy life as she should.”

A gentle blend of Camomile, Lemon Balm, Vervain, Lime Flowers and Skullcap Calm Down! comes in a 200g foil pouch – it’s a simple and easy way to make life more bearable for dogs and owners alike.

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