It's arrived! Turmeric tincture from CSJ


Just a tiny 1ml per 10kg of bodyweight is all that is needed to deliver the many benefits of CSJ’s new turmeric tincture - TurmerTinc!

A blend of extracts of Turmeric and Cracked Black Pepper, this natural herbal tincture is highly palatable and being fed in such small quantities is ideal for dogs that are fussy feeders.

CSJ are renowned for their herbal products specifically targeted at the needs of dogs and as always all of the ingredients in this blend are fully traceable and subject to a rigorous quality control procedure ensuring exceptional quality.

Turmeric, sometimes called ‘the wonder supplement’ is reputed to afford many benefits including decreasing inflammation while aiding digestion and providing pain relief. High quality Turmeric is also believed to contain anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties and its common uses include skin health, arthritis, digestion, supporting immune function and to strengthen liver function.

The main active ingredient in Turmeric is Curcumin but it does contain at least 235 other compounds all of which will contribute towards the actions of this herb as a whole.

Black Pepper is combined with the Turmeric in TurmerTinc! since the main compound in this herb – Piperine - slows the transit of the Turmeric through the digestive system so giving the body time to digest it efficiently and take all the benefits from it.

In an easy dose 250ml bottle TurmerTinc! is the result of extensive research and development by CSJ’s expert herbalist dedicated to making life better for dogs and their owners and is available now!

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