New Fruit'n'Mutt snack bar for extra oomph!


Thanks to CSJ dogs can get an energy boost when at shows, working, training or exercising with their delicious new recipe fruit and herbs snack bar.

CSJ’s nutrition experts developed Fruit’n’Mutt knowing that dogs using sustained energy sometimes needed help and ‘extra oomph’.

The crunchy energy bar is convenient to carry and enables the dogs to have a tasty snack part way through their activity without loading them down with bulk or spoiling their feeding regime – it can even be fed as a post-exercise meal when fed within 30 minutes completion of the task. 

Easily carried in a pocket to break a chunk off when needed dogs love the taste of the  naturally healthy ingredients including jumbo oat flakes, honey, cranberries, devil’s claw root, curcumin and blackcurrant.


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