Sykes Cottages: selection of Dog Friendly properties
New packs and 2 new herbs from CSJ

CSJ's highly acclaimed herbal supplements range, including the ever popular Billy No Mates which repels fleas, lice and ticks naturally, now comes in handy high visibility foil-fresh packs.

CSJ have also added 2 exciting new product lines....Skinny Herbs and Thistle Work!
The herbs used in Skinny Herbs have traditionally been used for treating abrasions and skin conditions and have excellent anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties....they include burdock root, which is especially good for dry skin and dermatitis, and nettle which cools and purifies the blood...dermatitisblessed relief to those ever scratching dogs.
Thistle Work! is targeted at dogs with liver problems such as pancreatitis and hepatitis and has been formulated using Milk Thistle, a natural ingredient which acts as an antioxidant, stimulates production of new liver cells and helps to prevent certain toxins from attaching to the liver.  The liver is an extremely important organ, responsible for detoxification of waste, digestion, vitamin and mineral storage and protein fat and carbohydrate metabolism so Thistle Works! is a vital addition to CSJ's range of all natural supplements.
Skinny Herbs have an rsp of £19.50 for a 250g pack and Thistle Work! Has an rsp of £16.50 for 200g.