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Summers over - so Get Over!
  CSJ’s Get Over! is a brilliantly successful herbal blend which is simply sprinkled on dogs food.   It was formulated to benefit those dogs feeling their age and showing signs of stiffness when - as now - the weather has turned cold and wet.   CSJ wanted to produce something to provide that extra bit of help wit   read more

Thyme to turn back!
  Turn Back Thyme!  from UK herbal supplement specialists CSJ has been developed with the older dog in mind and dog owners are having their say about it… "Palatable effective"  I got this for my two older boys aged 10 and 14. The 10yr old is particularly fussy with food, so I was apprehensive about adding her   read more

Dog walking : Canal & River Trust
  Dog walking : Canal & River Trust When it comes to stretching all four legs, the canal is a canine’s best friend. Paula Boyden, deputy veterinary director at the Dogs Trust says: “Many dog owners enjoy taking their dogs for walks along the canals and rivers because it is generally quite quiet. Many city-dwellers find   read more

Pests hate CSJ's Billy No Mates!
Tics, fleas, ticks and lice have been hating CSJ’s herbal supplement Billy No Mates since its introduction in 2006, but customers and their dogs and cats love it! "Fantastic!" A Brookes says, “This is so much better than trying to give tablets & so much better for delicate tums too. I wouldn't use anything else now.   read more

Solid Result! and Ring o Fire! from CSJ
CSJ have added 2 exciting new products to their range of herbs for dogs.   Ring o’ Fire! is a natural mix for dogs that scoot. If you have ever seen a dog sit and drag or 'scoot' its rear end across the ground you may have thought it funny, however it is no laughing matter for the dog and is a classic sign of a possible ana   read more

Sykes Cottages - a great selection of dog friendly cottages!
  A stunning selection of dog friendly cottages in beautiful locations. Many are surrounded by breath-taking scenery that makes dog walking an absolute joy. Whether you prefer the countryside, or would rather be 'by the seaside, by the beautiful sea' Sykes Cottages  have hundreds of self-catering cottages, apartmen   read more

Calm Down : Fireworks aren’t the only problem…
  CSJ are warning pet owners that fireworks aren’t the only problem pets face at this time of year and now’s the time to start sprinkling their Calm Down! herbs on sensitive dogs’ food. Festive gatherings of perhaps unfamiliar people, extra noise and excitement can all increase stress levels for many dogs - as can child   read more

The Crossbreed & Mongrel Club
The Crossbreed & Mongrel club was launched in 1994 after a group of enthusiasts got together after answering a letter I put in a dog magazine asking if anyone felt like I did that there should be a club especially for crossbreed & mongrel dogs. Our aim was to show that owning a crossbreed or mongrel dog is something to be proud of and   read more

Dog Friendly Britain : CAR STICKERS!
    If you'd like a FREE car sticker just email:  - Don’t forget to include your full address so we know where to send it!   read more

British Flyball Association (BFA) What is Flyball? Flyball (International Flyball Racing) is a team "knockout" relay race with 4 dogs and their handlers. A team is permitted to have 6 dogs and handlers (so they have reserve dogs.) The object of the race is for each dog to jump over 4 hurdles, trigger the Flyball box to get the   read more

Borzoi success - not a coincidence
  CSJ brand ambassador and Borzoi enthusiast Margaret Masterman has been delighted in the extent and variety of results her friends and fellow exhibitors have experienced since switching their food and says, “It can’t be coincidence can it?"   CSJ’s Fit’n’Fast did the trick for Moira Ellett’   read more

'A Way with Dogs' 2019 final goes live
  The nail-biting and long-anticipated final of CSJ’s ‘A Way with Dogs’ sheepdog trial Series 2 hits airs on Thursday morning 7th November on   Showing three world-renowned handlers and their amazing dogs fighting it out in the beautiful Welsh countryside to win the prest   read more

The Countryside Code
   Keep dogs under effective control...   make sure that you know the Countryside Code     read more

Children 'more active' in homes with dogs
By Sean Coughlan BBC News education correspondent   A study of children in 78 inner-city primary schools in England found children in homes with dogs were more active than those without.   Researchers from St George's, University of London, were carrying out a study on child heart health.   They found that children in dog-owni   read more

When planning to take your dog on holiday please remember to mention to the holiday accommodation proprietor that you will be bringing them with you. If you have more than one dog, or if they are of a particularly large breed, then do remember to mention this at the time of booking. Consider what to do with your dog whilst visiting attractio   read more

Travelling with your pet? Taking your pets abroad?
If you are preparing to travel abroad with your pet the Animal Welfare Foundation has created a simple guide to help you keep your pet safe.  Their 'Taking Your Pets Abroad’ leaflet includes: A pre-travel checklist Advice on how to prevent common diseases transmitted by insects and ticks  A guide to the Pet Travel S   read more

HEARING DOGS for Deaf People
The idea of training hearing dogs to assist deaf people was first introduced to the UK in 1982 after Lady Beatrice Wright and vet Bruce Fogle saw a similar scheme in America. The first dog selected for training, 'Favour', a tan and white crossbred dog, was selected from a rescue centre and Hearing Dogs was launched at Crufts that year.  The   read more

Eezy Peezy! for urinary and lawn health
  At a time when lawns are under siege from dry weather CSJ has a herbal product on hand to help… their 'Eezy Peezy!'has been specifically formulated to optimise urinary health and can help prevent burn marks on lawns caused by pet urine.  With ingredients including Burdock Root, Celery Seed, Golden Rod and Dandelion,   read more

Mary's on top of the World!
  A delighted Mary Carter stormed home to win the World Sleddog Championship 2019 with her homebred 6 dog team all fuelled entirely on CSJ dog food. This year’s Championship saw competitors travelling to the UK for the first time and was held at the Firle Estate on the South coast of England on 16th and 17th November. Mary comme   read more

Series 2 'A Way with Dogs' launches on Thursday 1st August 2019
  The brand new YouTube film series of "A Way with Dogs - Series 2' will launch on Thursday 1st August 2019. You've seen the interviews with our top international handlers - if you haven't, catch up quickly on our CSJ YouTube channel Now we're releasing Group 1 in the brand new YouTube film series of "A Way w   read more

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