Q: How do I place an advert?
A: You can read all about the different types of adverts here – there are free ones available. Scroll down the resulting page until you see the Create Your Advert Here link and follow the simple instructions.

Your advert will be 'live' within a few minutes of the advert being uploaded. The higher the price of the advert, the nearer it will appear to the top of the listings – thus all banner adverts appear first and free adverts last in any listing.

Q: I see that ICONS showing extra information are included on some adverts but not others. Why is this?
A: The information icons appear only on paid-for adverts.

Q: I'd like to place an advert but don't want to pay via the internet.
A: Please take a look at our advertising information and choose the type of advert you would like. Then simply email us giving all the relevant information. We will then upload the advert for you and you will be invoiced for payment by BACS, or cheque.

Q: I already advertise with Dog Friendly Britain and would like to amend my advert.
A: You can amend your advert at any time using this link together with your email address and password.

Q: I'd like to have a banner advert but don't have one suitable. Can you help?
A: We can design a banner advert for you for a nominal charge. Please email for further details.

Q: I don't have a website, can I still advertise with you?
A: You can certainly advertise with us if you don't have a website. However, you can also create your own webpage, quickly and easily, through the Dog Friendly Britain website provided you place a paid-for advert with us (any level). Our web pages are FREE with any paid advert. For more information, including a sample webpage, please see this page.

Q: I'd like to know more about advertising in the Premium Space positions in the right-hand and left-hand panels.
A: Please email us for further information: ann@dogfriendlybritain.co.uk.

Q: We no longer allow dogs. How can we remove our advert from the website?
A: Just email us quoting the title of your advert, and your own home address and we will remove your advert for you.

Q: We'd like to include a Dogs Welcome banner / logo on our own website. Do you have one available for us to use?
A: We do have a banner which you can use. Our 'Well Behaved Dogs – Welcome here' banner can be uploaded to any website to let people know that you welcome dogs. Please either right click to download the graphic and create your own link, or copy the block of html below into your webpage to link to the graphic on our server.
Dogs Welcome Here

Q: Can we book a holiday through Dog Friendly Britain?
A: Dog Friendly Britain is not a booking agency and you must, therefore, contact our advertisers directly for more information.