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Seaside Guest House, Hutton, nr Bournemouth. Dogs and owners, welcome in spacious ground floor rooms with private access directly into fenced garden. Children welcome. Evening meals available to order
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Tumbledown Cottage, Weird Wood, Nr Burnham Essex.  Self-catering accommodation for up to 6 people in three bedrooms. Charming location with good dog walks. Pub nearby. Free Wi-Fi. No charge for dogs.
Number of dogs: Any number welcome!   
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King's Arms Inn, Saintbury, Devon Excellent accommodation available for dogs and their owners in this18th Century country inn which is situated in a picturesquel Devon village. Dogs allowed in both bar & dining room - water & biscuits provided! Ground floor bedrooms with French windows provide direct access to our fenced dog friendly garden. Local walks - both long and short - close by. Dog friendly beaches within 30 minutes drive. Our award winning food is available lunchtime and evenings.
Number of dogs: Varies with size please contact  
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The George Hotel & Restaurant

Spoil yourself! The George Hotel & Restaurant, Sutton-in-the-Fields, North Yorks. Well behaved dogs are more than welcome, not only in our accommodation, but also in the public areas and restaurant. Three luxury ground floor bedrooms are available for owners who wish to bring their dogs. Special offers often available for two and three night stays. Open all year and set in glorious hill country. Dog food and beds can be provided if required. Superb walking from the door. Coast under an hour away
Number of dogs: 2 dogs  
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Always remember to accentuate the positive (not the negative!).

If you have two rooms which you always use for dogs and their owners then, rather than saying "we only allow dogs in two rooms", make a feature of what you do offer - "We have two rooms reserved especially for guests who wish to bring their dogs"

Instead of "dogs are only allowed in our down stairs rooms" you might like to say "Our ground floor rooms, with easy outside access, are available for our dog owning guests"

Please do not use too much CAPITALISATION in adverts as this is not easy on the eye. Any text including excessive use of capitals may be altered to lower case.

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REFUND POLICY - cooling-off period for advertisers.
If within 14 working days of placing an advert on our site you decide to cancel please email: giving full details of your name & address, the Dog Friendly Britain Order ID and the WorldPay ID numbers, and we will issue a full refund.

For the refund policies of any external websites, including affiliates, please visit the site of the individual company concerned.

Dog Friendly Britain reserves the right to remove any advert which contains material that is thought likely to cause offence on grounds of race, sexuality, disability, religion or on any other similar grounds or (obviously!) which is not 'dog' orientated. We also reserve the right to remove any advert which does not contain the FULL contact details of the advertiser or any advert which we believe may not be in the best interest of the animal(s) concerned. Website addresses are not permitted in the text section of free adverts and will be removed.

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