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Visiting my friend, Holly


Last week mum & dad took me up to the Yorkshire/Nottinghamshire border, to visit my friend Holly. They told me I was going with them, but I'm always a bit worried until I see daddy put my basket in the car! Everything's okay then, and I get very excited and can't wait to leave. It was a long journey but much more comfortable this time, in the back of the estate car (I even had my basket to lay in).  Daddy stopped on the way so I could get out and stretch my legs and we got there in good time. I saw Holly as soon as I arrived and went straight over to say hello. Holly is a working dog and lives in a large outside kennel with an enclosed run (she likes to chase the chickens!).


Near the house there is the River Idle, and some lovely long walks for me to get some exercise. The evening we arrived, we had tea and then went for one of these walks, just before the sun went down. Mummy's cousin brought Holly along with us and me and Holly had a great time chasing the rabbits and partridges (we didn't catch any) and running about after each other.




 It was a lovely walk, with lots of things to chase. Daddy took lots of photos, but most of them were of the river and the sunset (yawn.....).














 Oh, he had to sneak that one in (it was a lovely evening though)






 Me & Holly 




Me & Holly having fun
















This is Holly








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Things I love: I absolutely love Mabel the cat (I follow her about all over the place. Mum & dad think I'm obsessed with her!). I also love long walks but I'm not really interested in chasing after frisbies or balls - although dad keeps trying (wonder who'll give up first...). I like making friends with other friendly doggies. I'm going to try camping soon... watch this space... I love cuddles on the bed, but for some reason I keep getting kicked off just before they go to sleep!

Things I hate: I don't like dogs that bark and growl at me, especially when I'm on a lead and they aren't.

My favourite walks: Anything really, whether it's running around the local park with dad, or chasing seagulls on the beach. We have some wonderful woodland and fields near to home, that I can run around in (still can't catch the squirrels or rabbits though, but I'm getting closer!)

Other pets who share my home: Mabel - a lovely black & white 12 year old cat, who I adore

My favourite saying: "Rub my tummy"

Breed: German Shepherd Dog (Alsatian)
Type: Rescue Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 31/05/2007
Country: United Kingdom
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