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Mia Barton Hicken

Girl with a mission


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Hi, I was born on 25 January 2008 and I live in Solihull.  I've been with my mom and dad since I was a wee 10 week old baby and I quickly went on to enslave my parents. My subsequent training of them has proved most successful.  My mom long ago accepted that in order to sleep at night I SIMPLY HAVE TO lie facing her, with my paws folded around my face, which is then snuggled into the crook of her neck. Hey, I make no excuses!


I am known as "Mia Moo" to my adoring family and friends and I'm on the go all day. If no-one will play with me (because I have worn them out usually..) I make up games - my current one is to hide about five toys around the house and garden and then pretend to mommy with a "oh, where have they all gone?" whhiiiifff that I don't know where they are.  I then demonstrate, conclusively I feel, what a genius I am by finding them all again and throwing each one in turn at mommy's feet.  I find this usually gets a round of applause from mommy.


Things I love: Mom and dad and of course my little step sister Lola (mom made me write that bit). I love to swim and play all day, and I mean ALL day.

Things I hate: I hate it when mommy and daddy go out and sometimes don't take me with them. Frankly, I just think it's rude.

My favourite walks: Dorridge Park, Waseley Hills, Clent Hills and the Lickey Hills.

Other pets who share my home: I have a little step sister called Lola - she's what mommy and daddy call a Bichon Frisee/Havanese cross. She's my shadow, jeez I cannot shake that girl off! But we have a great time together and I love looking after her.

My favourite saying: C'mon!!! Let's play fetch for another couple of hours - PPPPURRLEEASE!

Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 25/01/2008
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Doggie Momma
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