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Ode to a lost yellow ball


My Yellow Ball and I!
One day I went a shopping
And picked you from the pile
This one please mummy
A waggy tail and smile
I took you home and showed you
Toy balls of every hue
But you were the only yellow one
And I stuck with you like glue
You came with me out walking
And didn’t mind at all
When I dropped you in a puddle
My Muddy Yellow Ball
You came with me out swimming
And didn’t mind at all
When I dunked you in the river
My Soggy Yellow Ball
You stayed with me at bedtime
And didn’t mind at all
When I chewed you ever so slightly
My Lumpy Yellow Ball
It often was suggested
As days and weeks went by
That yellow ball was past it
And a new ball we should buy
But I loved you Yellow Ball
And kept you by my side
And never put you in the bin
No matter how they tried
One day we went the seaside
And played upon the sand
And looked in all the rock pools
But I kept you close at hand
But then oh yellow ball forgive me
For fate was cruel not kind
When I dropped you in the ocean
My Yellow Ball, I couldn’t find!
A wave had come and stole you
Away from my searching nose
And swept you from my watching gaze
To where? Well heaven knows
I stood there looking hopeful
Until I was called away
My Yellow Ball is lost now
Although I looked for half the day
So please can we go shopping
I have a gap to fill
Would really like a new ball
I’ll look after it, promise I really will!


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Things I love: Balls, sticks, Mud, Water and Snow. CAKE!

Things I hate: Walking nicely on a lead, The extractor fan on the oven

My favourite walks: Cuerdon Valley (dog spa), Burbo Bank, Shaw Hill - Formby, Anywhere that ticks the following - Mud, Water, Sand, Ball Chucker ability

Other pets who share my home: Frankie and Benji Gerbil and lots of fish

My favourite saying: I didn't do it! / It was like that when I arrived!

Breed: Crossbreed & Mongrel
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 18/08/2008
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: pinknspooky
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