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19th March 2010. ARRIVAL OF NEW BABY ! ! ! !

I have to say a huge HELLO to all my freinds and anyone who wants to be my friend.

Had a few bad weeks here at home (not me I am fine mum's just clipped me ) But my breeder has had another set of pups like me, but not as hansome of course !

Mum has become quite good friends with the breeder, and took me to re - visit after a year and the breder thought I was just gorgeous and well built and I stand well so they say.

Anyway, back to another visit to my breeder 16th March, the lady doggie had 5 pups thats a lot for a small cairn. All of them huge and chuncky but not as good looking as me of course.

Then mum said 'whats the score on the tiny one under the lamp'? answer was........Well that's the runt probably wont weather the storm !

Mum quickly said........ what will happen to the poor soul, 'not big enough to sel don't know yet'! mum then said well, me and jim will have him if he needs bottle feeding ect I will take him? (my mum is a retired vet and animal welfare technician, and a groomer)

We left not quite knowing what was happening.

That night mum spoke to Dad, I fell asleep, cos I go everywhere wiv mum and if I can't go mum dont go.

Next morning mum was on the phone.....for a long time.

Then the very next day me and mum where up real early like 6.a.m. went for a walk I could tell mum had things on her I kept close...mum bent down to me planted a huge kiss on my facwe and said, well, JIM shall we see if we can save your'e stepbrother.

When we got home on the 19th March, mum made a cuppa tea mumloves tea and I has warm milk yummy.Then mum rang Dad, all I caught was I will be home later.Hummm I thought we must be off out in the ole 4x4 maybe picking me nana up!

No we did not pick up nana, we got on the motorway and off mum went, then we arrived back at the breeder's place.

Hummmmm.....then the lady bought ut this weak sickly loking very tiny pup.I ran up to it while mum held it in her hands and licked its face and cleaned its eyes. mum then said come on Jim lets take baby home.

Mum was not sure if he would survive the night so mum & dad stayed up all night I got tired and went to sleep, but in the morning that little pup skipped across the carpet to meet me...bless him I thought then mum trained him to wee on pup nappies.

today is sunday 21st March and he is so much stronger eats like a piglet sleeps a lot and squeaks to but today it was sunny so I led him to the garden and he tried to play but kept falling over...he'll get the hang of it and I willtake care of me little stepbro'

I knew me mum and dada could do it and the breeder lady is pleased with procgress too.

WE HAVE CALLED THE TINY PUP SKIP ; because that was his first steps a skip.

I will update when mum ain't so tired. god bless all my friends on WNS nad many paw prints to all of you JIM & NEW BUDDY SKIP (still weak and a long way to go but he'll make it you;ll see)


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Things I love: playing, walking, chasing next doors chicken, tearing around garden, rides in car.J.ust moved to a new home !Well new to me but dates back to the 1700's and the garden has not been touched for years, and is emormous, I just love hiding when mum is calling, Its a little mean as I see how paniced she gets bless her, then I'll show myself. (a little naughty boy I am ), just love this garden. Hope someone out ther knows........of a nice hideaway cottage....for a nice holiday for ME AND the slaves!

Things I hate: coming back when called ! nasty dog food, love lambs kidneys are fab ! hate fish .......that stuff is for cats ain't it ? Postie disturbing my sleep !

My favourite walks: holiday walks in shorpshire and wales,The woods where I can smell mice and deer and it sends me crazy...! Parks are nice but I would like to get off my extending lead and chase all the other 4paws...but mum knows she can't trust me , my head just goes and I run as fast as my legs will take me it great, but when I eventually when I get back to mum, she's in bits and I then feel a bit naughty. Love going to my pal 's home her name is POPPY and she is a westie, she lives at Althorpe Estate

Other pets who share my home: blue and gold macaw named LUCY ! Don't chase Lucy, but I do chase anything that moves in the garden even next door's chicken's !

My favourite saying: Want a walkie, sound of mum's car keys mean's I am off somewhere, shall we go see NAN ! HEY JIM, want some mouse (mum means cheese) I just love mouse strong mouse is wonderful. Bedtime Jim . Love you my little darling , good boy, tummy tickles, time for clipping mum does it

Breed: Cairn Terrier
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 12/09/2009
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: angeleyes
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