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Patch is the best dog in the world. He is my best friend and we are a team.

He was a rescue dog and when he first came home he was very timid and unusually quiet, I dont think he had been treated well as he was underweight and unloved. He had terrible nerves and seemed scared of everyone.


Eventually we learned each others ways and how to trust one another and make each other feel loved.

Over a year down the line and I cannot imagine life without him and I think he likes having me around too. He never fails to look cute and always does the right things at the right time!

We still have our ups and downs ( downs being he likes to eat a book of mine, just the one book) but we go everywhere we can together and I think he knows what an amazing companion he is and how important he is now. 

Patch has a huge loving family around him that care about him even when hes being cheeky, but hes a lovely boy and amazing to be around, I wouldnt want him any other way!




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Things I love: I love cuddles and playing with Mum, my toys, Piggy, Teddy, Moo Cow and Bone. I also love long walks and getting ridiculously muddy with hardly any effort.

Things I hate: I dont like the cat that keeps coming in my back garden. I also dont like it when I trip over my lead...

My favourite walks: My favourite walks are on any beach that has sand and not pebbles. Although I like chasing the big rocks. I love walking round westport lake and trying to make friends with the ducks and geese.

Other pets who share my home: There are no animals at my house but my friend Boris at my Grannys

My favourite saying: "rrrrrraaaaa, wooooofff! woof!"

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Type: Rescue Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 09/08/2007
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Janeywoop
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