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Bonnie is the best!

Cavaliers rule OK!


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Things I love: Chocolate, Beef jerky and anything that my owners eat. Cadbury's Roses's WOULD be my favourite I'm sure, but I'm not really allowed them so I have to steal them when no ones looking. Chasing squirrels and blackbirds & pigeons is a favourite pastime My mummy and daddy are just the best! Tummy tickles are quite high on my list of things I like too! Laura and Jason take me for walks to the park so I love them lots!

Things I hate: Vegetables, the vet and Carrie (she's a cairn terrier that lives with us - she was adopted by my Mum & Dad when her Dad ddn't want her anymore). But she's a bully and tries to steal all my things! I don't like the vet! Mum says he's a nice man but I don't share her opinion.

My favourite walks: Dorridge Park

Other pets who share my home: Carrie and Rosie - both cairn terriers

My favourite saying: "Foodies"

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Owner: Bonbon
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