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My Little Sparkle

The story so far ....


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July 2010

10th July


Today we went to Formby beach.  I've been trying to get mummy to take me for a little while now, last time she was going to take me she was ill so we couldnt go.

But we got up this morning and mummy said we were off to the beach!   I was a good girl in the car (well, I always am)  It took us about an hour mummy said, but I didnt mind, I was sleeping off my breakfast.  Then, we got there and I ran and ran and ran some more.  I think daddy was getting arm ache from keep throwing the ball for me.  Mummy had to tell him in the end to stop throwing it as I would end up with no legs left - dont know what she meant!



 See, I'm bombing it, I just dont know when to stop!


Mummy and Daddy were getting a bit hungry so we went back to the car and I had a nice drink and then we drove to a thing called a pub.  Daddy went in and ordered some food and I sat outside with Mummy.  Mummy shared some of her dinner with me, she had gammon, yum, yum. 



I was tired on the way home, all that fresh air - cant wait to go again.


I'm seeing my friends next week Mummy tells me, George () and Max () .  I'm having my hair done specially so I look good for the boys.  Big boy Isaac cant come this year () but not to worry, I get the boys all to myself!




Northern Schnauzer Fun Day 17th July 2010


Well today I finally got to see the boys again!!!!  We had megga fun.  George was as handsome as ever and Max was a perfect gentleman


I think I wore poor George out, mummy said he bit off more than he could chew with me as every time he tried to have a breather, I was on him again to play but secretly, I think he loved it!


There were doggies dressed up in fancy outfits, mummy said they looked good.  I hope she doesnt get any ideas as I am NOT  wearing any outfits.


It was a bit rainy at first and a bit windy but it didnt spoil our fun.  It was a long journey though and mummy said I was a good girl as I just settle down and wait patiently.  Its hard though as I know I'm going somewhere good the minute I get in the car and I just want to be there nowwwww.








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Things I love: Food, my mummy and going for long walkies

Things I hate: I know I shouldn't but : cats, birds and other small fury things that move very fast

My favourite walks: Abney Hall, Bruntwood Park, Happy Valley

Other pets who share my home: Katie a budgie, and a a tank full of fish

My favourite saying: wheres your ball, find it!!!!!!

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 28/10/2008
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Sparkling Lass
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