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Friday 30th October - Monday 2nd November 2009


Here we are enjoying our walk in the fields. I'm in hunting mode, look at my ears.


Friday mum was on leave so we spent the day with her. We walked in the fields in the morning, then she groomed us both. She said I was a pain in the bum but Max was very good. Mummys boy. Then we walked all the way to meet dad from work. We were tired when we got there but managed to give dad a big fuss before we got in the car.


Saturday we all went for a walk together then we went to Elsecar Heritage Centre to the schnauzer show. Oh dear! We waited with dad outside the show building while mum went in first. She was back very quickly and was almost in tears. She had fallen in the entrance and hobbled straight back. She said she felt really embarassed (as well as hurting herself) I tried to make her better by fussing her. She sent dad inside instead and we sat on a bench for a while.


After a while we met Issac with Mr and Mrs Mutti. I got told off again for barking at him. He's huge and makes me feel scared. Mum says hes very friendly and to stop being silly. Well he was very friendly with mum. She said it was because of the liver cake! I told him right then and there to get down off my mum or he'd have me to answer to.


That night mum and dad went out for a couple of hours and left us. We don't like this time of year and mum doesn't like leaving us but said she had to go or dad wouldn't be happy as it was a family get together. They were having firewworks too, so we couldn't go.


Sunday we all got soaked on our walk. We all had our waterproof coats on and mum and dad even had waterproof trousers. Mum had to drain all the water off and towel us all dry. Then we had breakfast and a long cuddle off them. Mum decided to groom us again because she hadn't done us right. Luckily she didn't take long. Max then went with dad to granddads but I cuddled up with mum again until it was time for our walk.


Mum says its much easier walking just one of us. I can't see why. Anyway I got to see Dylan the schnauzer and he was friendly for a change with me. He usually growls at me but is never nasty. Mum said she thinks he feels intimidated with the two of us fussing. Wish we could have had a proper play because he was nearly home and we were on the street. We saw the collie puppy girl too. She's fun. I get her to chase me so I can tire her out for her mum. Walking home we so Blue the weimie and had a chat when who should come round the corner? Max and dad. I ran to Max becuase I'd missed him and he ran straight past to Blue then to mum. CHEEK.


This is me in the bath with dad. Well he isn't actually getting bathed, he's sat on the bath seat.



When we got home mum and dad bathed us both. Like we haven't been wet enough this weekend!


Monday mum was off again so we had a lie in together then went for a walk in the fields. It was sunny but kept trying to rain which didn't please mum because she was trying to wash and dry our duvet, basket and towels as well as their clothes and furnishings. When we got back and mum was busy, we kept trying to hint to her to sit for a cuddle. When she finally came with her drink, we had made ourselves comfy on the settee sunbathing. Oh oh, I wagged my tail to make her smile, think that did the trick. She picked up some cushions and placed them under us. Then when dad came in we all went for a walk together.


This is us cuddling up on the settee with the addition of cushions. It was a lovely sunny day, even if it did keep raining. 



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Things I love: Mummy, Daddy and Max of course. Having cuddles. Playing till I drop. Toys, balls and balloons. I just love balloons. Playing football. Mum says I could be professional! My cuddly duck. Food and treats. Walkies. People and MOST dogs. Snuggling up in bed with mum and dad at the weekend.

Things I hate: Huskies definately huskies. Water, rain and getting bathed. The stray dogs round the pond. The cats invading our garden. I hated snow but now I quite like it.

My favourite walks: All my walks are favourite walks ;-) In the fields where I can go off my lead. Seaside and the beach especially off my lead. When can we go to the seaside again?

Other pets who share my home: Max, Salt and Pepper Miniature Schnauzer.

My favourite saying: Yabba dabba doo! When can we go to the seaside again? Biscuit. Dinner. Walkies.

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 17/10/2005
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: schnauzer