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George's diary - Winter 2008

Sometimes we walk by the canal where me and Max chase squirrels and ducks. I fell in once and was so shocked. I didn't think I could swim and Max had to call me to the bank. Mum took me home and bathed me because I had turned green with algea. 


Latest walkies news - 11/10/08


Today has been great apart from being groomed!


It was weekend, and we were allowed to sleep in mum and dads bedroom. I jumped on the bed early morning and snuggled in-between mums legs, she couldn't move when she woke up. When it was time for walkies, dad came with us, great! While we were walking, we met our friends BJ and Monty the Cairn terriers. They all chatted, while we played. Monty thinks he can top dog me but I show him who's boss. BJ is quiet but even he joined it today. Then we went on our ways.


My mum has groomed us twice now. She didn't do bad, but I still don't like having it done.


When we got home, we went in the garden and mum got all the grooming things out. OH MY GOD! She did that 5 weeks ago. She did me first and brushed and trimmed me with the scissors which wasn't bad. It's that shaver I don't like and I kept trying to jump down. Mum wasn't amused! Then it was bath time. Max poked fun at me, he always does that when I don't like something.


Later I was playing with my ball while dad was digging. After a while I noticed mum and Max had disappeared. The crafty schnauzer had gone with mum. When they came back for the brush, I was waiting for them. I went with them this time. I showed mum I can be a good boy too.


Walking in the fields is great because I can go off my lead and hunt with Max.



Mum took us out on our own in the afternoon because dad was busy again. After we'd been out a while she called us and put on our leads, and we noticed Benson the boxer. Mum said I had to behave because sometimes I bark at him. Well he is a big dog! He's quite friendly for a big dog and we all walked together. We stopped to talk to an angler then mum put me on my lead.


My ears are pricked up here because I can smell something interesting.



Benji the springer spaniel was up ahead and Mum told us off because we barked at him. Then she let us back off telling us to behave. Mum was really happy that we were all walking and playing together. After a while the others went their own way, I watched Benji for a while because he was playing in the river and barking. Mum was really pleased with us and gave us a biscuit. We couldn't wait to tell dad when we got back home.



Saturday 25 October 2008


Today we went for longer walks. In the morning mum took us through the rec and park and met a little terrier we sometimes see. She's very giddy, giddier than us mum says. Then we walked along the main road for quite a while until dad picked us up in the car. He drove us for a distance but I was sick.


In the afternoon we went in the car to a reservoir we sometimes visit. There weren't many dogs around, so mum said be good and we could go off our leads. It has been over a week since we have been able to, so we were very excited, especially with all the new smells. Eventually we met several dogs within a couple of minutes. Two elderly large dogs with coats on, a rotweiler pup that I barked at and mum told me off, then a terrier cross called Scruffy. I liked him. He reminded me of Monty. The man said he was part border terrier but mum said she thought he had some cairn terrier in him too. We romped about, it was fun and we didn't want to leave. Even Max joined in. Eventually mum said we had to go, otherwise she would get a ticket.


We enjoyed a long cuddle together in our basket, then cuddled up with mum.


When we got home we had our dinner, we were starving. Then me and Max curled up in the basket together until mum called us for a cuddle and we stayed there all night.



Mum even took us for our late night walk and we were very good for her, I know she was pleased.

 Friday 7 November 2008


After walking with dad, we went in the car to meet mum, then drove to a big pet shop we went to earlier in the week. There were lots of fab smells, toys, food and chews. A lady tried a coat on me again, I think she liked me and I put my cutest face and pose on. She did the same to Max and then mum said she liked them, gave the lady some money and we all walked back to the car. Actually I stuck my heels in. Hey you don't think I'm wearing this do you? Mum said I was being silly and Max just showed off in his. Aren't we supposed to stick together?


This is me in my new coat and as you can see, I don't like it. 



Saturday 8 November 2008


Mum and dad put those silly coats on us and took us for a walk. I put my heels in again and wouldn't walk down the street. She took it off for a while but made me put it on again when it started to rain. When we came back, they took them off and we all got in the car.


When we got out of the car. Mum told me to calm down. I could smell all the schnauzers, even though they were all quite a distance away in a big building. We weren't allowed in the building. I don't know why, at least we wouldn't have peed in there, we don't do things like that. We did meet a few schnauzers while we were outside. Mum and dad took it in turns to go in and look at the other schnauzers. I hope they weren't thinking of bringing one home. I did like the lady giant schnauzer but I'm not sure I'd want her to share my basket.

Sunday 9 November 2008


We went for several walks but mum and dad made us wear our coats. We walked to a big market with loads of people. It was too busy for me and I barked at some people in camaflaged suits on the way. Mum said that they were soldiers and it was rememberance Sunday and to shut up. Charming!


The smells at the market made us hungry and when we went to a stall with all different sausages, I stood on my hind legs and put my cutest face on. The man just spoke to me, didn't realise I wanted food. Even when I danced he didn't take the hint. I got a few people's attention though. They spoke to me and stroked me, still they didn't realise I wanted food. When we walked away we all shared a spicy sausage mum had bought. At last!


Later dad took us to our grandparents and when we walked back (in our coats) it poured down with rain. I have to admit, when we got home, only our legs were wet and we did feel much warmer. Maybe I'll grow to like it.

  Friday 12 - Sunday 14 December 2008


 After we all went for our morning walk in the fields, had a spot of breakfast and then helped mum and dad in the garden. Dad had got loads of boxes out of the loft and I was worried we were going to move house again. Then it became clear that they were Christmas deorations as they took us outside and trimmed up the garden with lights. I kept chasing Max and he was a mardy bum and kept running away from me, so I helped mum instead. This was a good day cos we all went out for a walk together again. Shame about those coats.


Saturday we all went for our morning walk again but mum had to spoil it all by trimming us again. She said she wanted us to look smart for Christmas. I thought I was smart, Max is a little dumb. Anyway after shivering to make mum feel sorry for me, I realised she was going to shave me anyway, so I stopped struggling and looked forward to my treat afterwards. She gave me a big hug after too. Dad took us for our next walk and when we came back home, mum had put a tree up in the lounge and all the decorations. I don't know why they did it but it brings back good memories.


Sunday was more walks and cuddles and looking forward to Christmas. 


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Things I love: Mummy, Daddy and Max of course. Having cuddles. Playing till I drop. Toys, balls and balloons. I just love balloons. Playing football. Mum says I could be professional! My cuddly duck. Food and treats. Walkies. People and MOST dogs. Snuggling up in bed with mum and dad at the weekend.

Things I hate: Huskies definately huskies. Water, rain and getting bathed. The stray dogs round the pond. The cats invading our garden. I hated snow but now I quite like it.

My favourite walks: All my walks are favourite walks ;-) In the fields where I can go off my lead. Seaside and the beach especially off my lead. When can we go to the seaside again?

Other pets who share my home: Max, Salt and Pepper Miniature Schnauzer.

My favourite saying: Yabba dabba doo! When can we go to the seaside again? Biscuit. Dinner. Walkies.

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 17/10/2005
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: schnauzer