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George's diary - March / April 2009

Friday 13 - Monday 16 March


Mum has been having some long weekends off work recently, including this one. The weather has been decent too, so we've had some good walks and some long plays in the garden. Dad has been getting a bit annoyed with me though because I don't want to go out for the late night walk. I've got all comfy by that time and I like to stay at home to protect mum. Anyway I can wait till morning for the toilet.

Saturday I found out how much Max thinks of me when dad stood on my paw. It hurt me and I yelped. While mum and dad fussed me, Max cocked his leg on dads foot. Mum was bent double laughing but dad didn't look very pleased. I didn't know which to do cos my paw hurt but I could see the funny side.


I guess nobody ever told Max that you shouldn't bite the hand that feeds you. Or in this case, you shouldn't pee on the foot that walks you.

Sunday we had a little doggy meeting down the lane. Us, the 2 cavaliers, the choccy lab and the shih tzo round the corner. He did the same to mum that Max did to dad so she named it little pizz tzo! We also met another schnauzer, he was 12 years old, a terrier cross, 17 years old and a border collie who was 20!!!


We also went with aunty and my nephew for a walk near their house. We hadn't been in that direction before and there were lots of new smells.



Me cuddled up to mums leg after a hard days walking.


Sunday 22 March 2009


Dad took Max out on his own this afternoon and left me in the garden with mum. I know I have been awkard with him lately but I didn't want to be left, so I cried. Mum said it's OK we're going out soon for a walk.

We got in the car and went to the reservoir. I've been there many times with Max but I felt as if I'd lost my right paw, no buddy to hunt with.


It was good to have time with mum on our own but I think she was a bit concerned I wasn't enjoying myself. We went a bit further today, she showed me another walk where she used to take Sam when she was younger. I think she was a bit sad because it was mothers day. I kept having to stop and wait for mum to tell me which way to go though because I didn't know the way. I'll be able to show Max when we go again, he'll love it.


We saw a labrador pup who was in early stages of training to be a guide dog. He had been in the reservoir and was very muddy and wet. He was allowed to play me but his owner was concerned he was too rough and said he had to calm down before he got much older. After we'd done, we got in the car and went for a walk in the park were we occasionally go. I saw Scruffy the terrier and we had a great romp. Mum was really happy to see me play. Then we met 3 jack russels and a schnauzer cross and I felt a bit worried because Max wasn't there to back me up. I needn't have worried they were all very friendly.


When we got home dad and Max still weren't there. Then they came home and I made a fuss of them both. Max leapt on mum then ran through to see where his dinner was. Typical!


Trouble is! We both had to have our regular bath before we had dinner. Mum said we both smelled lovely and had lovely fluffy coats. After we had dinner mum said my beard was as bad as ever. Not to worry, Max licked it clean.

Friday 27 – Sunday 29 March 2009


Friday morning mum and dad took us for a really long walk. I was exhausted when we got home! We walked without our leads for a lot of the time. When we came to the big pond that all the anglers sit round Max ran onto the jetty thing, so I followed in case I missed anything. He ran straight past the duck, he didn't even see it. I walked right up and watched it for a while. Then mum saw what I was looking at and called me back. She shouldn't have done that because Max came running up and scared it into the water. Mum picked him up and told him off, he walked with his ears down for ages. Dad said there were nine eggs in the nest. When we looked back, the duck had returned to the nest. Dad said I was naughty to look but at least I didn't chase it.


Mum took us to Newmillerdam in the afternoon and we had a great walk. There weren’t that many dogs, so we were off our leads most of the time. We met a rescue dog called Tiny but he was enormous. He was very friendly. Mum bought an icecream and we stood waiting for a taste, we even missed a pup wanting attention because we were so engrossed.


Max kept wanting to run in the woods and eventually mum said we could. Max ran hell for leather and mum couldn’t see him. She kept calling him and was getting annoyed that he wasn’t coming to heel. She said ‘if he doesn’t come when I call him this time, he’s going to get a smacked bum’. Then she looked down at what she thought was me, looked back up and quickly looked down again. There was Max looking up at her grinning. When he saw she was angry his ears went down. He didn’t get a smacked bum but he did have to go on his lead while I enjoyed a route around.


I saw a lovely chocolate lady lab. I wanted to play with her but she wasn’t interested and just wanted to jump in the water chasing after her ball. She was all wet and kept shaking herself at me. I went to pick up her ball but mum told me to drop it.

Saturday morning Max jumped into bed with mum and dad and slipped in between them and laid his head on mums face. I wasn’t having that so I jumped up at the other side and laid my face on mums face too. Mum and dad took us in the fields for a run about, luckily we didn’t see any cows. We had a good time though. When we went walking on the streets after we saw the two westies that greet us at their fence. Then we saw Jasper the schnauzer, we’ve only seen him twice, he’s very quiet but nice. We all went out together again later.

Sunday we went in the fields again and we saw the vicious golden retrievers. Mum called us and put us on our lead, luckily the man did the same but we were getting a bit anxious until we got past. Then we saw Benji the springer and we all had a romp. Later mum took us to the reservoir again and the same walk as last week. I was going to show Max the way but he seemed to know already! There we lots of people round the reservoir but it was much quieter in the woods. Apart from Max running backwards and forwards like a nutter. We could smell all the rabbits and squirrels. Mum said she saw some but I think she was lying.

Saturday 4 - Sunday 5 April 2009


Highlights of the weekend:

We met and played with 4 springer spaniels and a dalmation on two of our walks this weekend.

I was leader of the pack.

We walked to meet dad at the football ground and met lots of friendly people.

We met a really playful cavalier in the fields on Sunday.

When we weren't out walking we were out playing in the garden.

We were really well behaved in the front garden while mum and dad were gardening in the front, and never went over the boundary.



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Things I love: Mummy, Daddy and Max of course. Having cuddles. Playing till I drop. Toys, balls and balloons. I just love balloons. Playing football. Mum says I could be professional! My cuddly duck. Food and treats. Walkies. People and MOST dogs. Snuggling up in bed with mum and dad at the weekend.

Things I hate: Huskies definately huskies. Water, rain and getting bathed. The stray dogs round the pond. The cats invading our garden. I hated snow but now I quite like it.

My favourite walks: All my walks are favourite walks ;-) In the fields where I can go off my lead. Seaside and the beach especially off my lead. When can we go to the seaside again?

Other pets who share my home: Max, Salt and Pepper Miniature Schnauzer.

My favourite saying: Yabba dabba doo! When can we go to the seaside again? Biscuit. Dinner. Walkies.

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 17/10/2005
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: schnauzer