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Moving house - July 2007


Moving house


Last year we were left at my grandparents house ALL DAY. A few days before I had been bitten by a big dog, I don't know why because I wanted to be friends. Anyway I was very poorly and we thought I was going to have an operation. Luckily they gave me some medicine and told me to go back in a few days time. I got a bit upset while I was there and my wound went really nasty. Mum said it was stress. Later that day, mum came and picked us up in the car. Both me and Max were so happy they hadn't abandoned us.


We love playing in the garden. We can chase squirrels and cats everyday.


She took us to a house and said this is your new home, don't worry were all going to live here. Me and Max went for a sniff round. Everything of ours was there, it was very untidy but our baskets and dishes were right were we could find them. We ran round barking and making a big fuss of everyone. The next day we went to the vet and my wound had healed much better overnight, we were all relieved. We knew that we were here to stay now, so I decided to stop running away when I was let off my lead.


Two of the many creatures we have found in our garden.


We have a bigger garden now, so we have to guard it and have chased all sorts of creatures there. We caught mice, a toad, frog and a rat for mum, so she knew we were proper ratters. We even had some chickens in our garden once but mum wouldn't let us out to them when she saw them. She said would would have had 'very fresh' chicken for tea. What's wrong with that? We had fun watching mum and dad chase and catch them though. They were rubbish! AND we didn't even get to have them for our dinner, but they did lay an egg.


Me out walking with Max we keep a look out for each other.



We can even see the fields from our new garden, so we know we've never got far to get to our favourite walks.


Now that we are more responsible we are allowed off our leads in the fields. That's great because we can run and chase rabbits and squirrels. They cheat though. The rabbits run down holes that are too small for us and the squirrels run up trees. They must use magic because NO-ONE can do that.



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Things I love: Mummy, Daddy and Max of course. Having cuddles. Playing till I drop. Toys, balls and balloons. I just love balloons. Playing football. Mum says I could be professional! My cuddly duck. Food and treats. Walkies. People and MOST dogs. Snuggling up in bed with mum and dad at the weekend.

Things I hate: Huskies definately huskies. Water, rain and getting bathed. The stray dogs round the pond. The cats invading our garden. I hated snow but now I quite like it.

My favourite walks: All my walks are favourite walks ;-) In the fields where I can go off my lead. Seaside and the beach especially off my lead. When can we go to the seaside again?

Other pets who share my home: Max, Salt and Pepper Miniature Schnauzer.

My favourite saying: Yabba dabba doo! When can we go to the seaside again? Biscuit. Dinner. Walkies.

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 17/10/2005
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: schnauzer