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I had longed for another dog for years. I missed having a furry friend to walk since I lost Sam all those years back and after many talks with my hubby we had decided if we ever got the chance to have a dog, it would gave to be a schnauzer.


My colleague came into work one day and said she had re-homed a cat from a family that were emigrating and knowing I liked schnauzers, told me they had a lovely one that would need a home in the future. Oh it was so tempting! Could we? Well I just had to take my hubby and see what the little fellow looked like… didn’t I?


The owner was a bit reluctant to sell him at this point but when I said we were having two weeks off work and would be able to get to know each other, and the fact she didn’t know if they would find a buyer nearer their departure she agreed to let us see him.


My first impression… he’s black!.. I’ve never seen a black schnauzer before!


It was strange meeting a dog I wanted so much but knew I had to consider his feelings and needs too. It was also going to be hard for him, as he was going to miss his family, his home and everything was going to be strange to him. He was so friendly, he came straight to us and we both cuddled and discussed him. He nestled into my boobs and began to gently chew a row of beads on my blouse, so gently that he made no mark. We had prepared questions, so we knew his likes, dislikes, and behaviours. Then we eventually came to a close and chose to leave George and discuss his future at length when we got home.


I knew I wanted him… I didn’t think my husband was entirely convinced! I racked my brains with all the pros and cons of getting a dog but eventually said to OH that I’d have to tell them that we weren’t going to take him after all. My husband hit the roof! WHAT? You’ve made your decision, what about what I want? I made what I thought was his decision… what I thought he wanted to hear, as I didn’t want my heart to rule my head and make a big mistake even though I thought it was the right one.


So our answer was YES. I phoned and said we’d love him and when could we pick him up. After considering their situation of missing him and us needing to bond, we came to an agreement of picking him up on boxing day 2006.


I felt so nervous when we went to collect him. The husband handed George and his belongings over to us and all was going well until we tried to get him in the car. He doesn’t like cars till this day! We got home, showed him round the house, gave him a Christmas pressy later that day when we’d hoped he’d settled a touch. We had a few family members visit him which although I wanted to show him off, I’d rather we had time together and not make everything more confusing for him.


The very next day we had him, an angler with a big trolley spooked him and he slipped out of his collar. We were beside ourselves and had to try to calm him down (and ourselves) He settled very well but for ages there was still something not quite right. He accepted us, fed well, walked on his lead (although he was murder pulling, obviously not trained to heel).


Three months later we decided to get a pal for George, it just fell into place. We saw Max, a salt and pepper schnauzer on epupz and he was only two months older. It was obviously fate and we had to have him… anyway that’s another story…


George has a wonderful temperament. He doesn’t crave attention, although he loves being with us and getting cuddles, is happy just to lay in the garden while I garden until he knows I’ve finished and can play. He’d play all day if he could, loves proving he’s top dog by bumping others and putting his paws on their backs. Most of all, he seems to read my mind. If something is upsetting me, he’ll jump on my knee and literally cuddle me, nestle into me and try to make be better.


One more thing from me though… I think George well and truly settled with us as a family once we all moved house together. He used to do that thing when we let him off his lead, look at me, wag his tail then run away. I’d try to catch him and we’d start all over again. The last time he did it was the week we moved. The day we moved we left both George and Max with my in laws. George had been badly bitten that week and due to the stress and uncertainty, his wound was weeping badly when I went to take him to our new home. I let them in the house and the pair went crazy, running from room to room, barking, fussing and wagging their tails. They seemed to like ‘home’, now I can happily let him off his lead and not worry that he’ll try to run away.


We’re a pack now and that’s the way we’re going to stay!


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Things I love: Mummy, Daddy and Max of course. Having cuddles. Playing till I drop. Toys, balls and balloons. I just love balloons. Playing football. Mum says I could be professional! My cuddly duck. Food and treats. Walkies. People and MOST dogs. Snuggling up in bed with mum and dad at the weekend.

Things I hate: Huskies definately huskies. Water, rain and getting bathed. The stray dogs round the pond. The cats invading our garden. I hated snow but now I quite like it.

My favourite walks: All my walks are favourite walks ;-) In the fields where I can go off my lead. Seaside and the beach especially off my lead. When can we go to the seaside again?

Other pets who share my home: Max, Salt and Pepper Miniature Schnauzer.

My favourite saying: Yabba dabba doo! When can we go to the seaside again? Biscuit. Dinner. Walkies.

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 17/10/2005
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: schnauzer