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Big Bad Al

So bad but so gorgeous!


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Mum says I am gorgeous to look at but not alot between the ears - not sure how she works that out i have a big enough head!


I come from the same place all the pack have come from except my two kids Brooke and Ginny.  I came with my litter sister Nell and when we arrived there was just Murphy at home to greet us because Sandy dog had gone to doggie heaven.


I have been a real dude in my time - not a care in the world - especially when mum wanted me to come back.  the horizon was so much more appealing and I just had to go!  Running is a passion of mine - not chasing anything just running at full tilt until I am tired.  Of course these days that happen's alot quicker than it used to but well there is life in this old dog yet and last year I had some kids with Molly.  7 of them to be precise - not that I have had a great deal to do with them - that's women's work!


I love going beating in the shoot season and have a great nose for finding birds and dead animal bodies!  My favourite are bodies with maggots and that are really smelly - perfect for a quick snack I find.  Then there are the hedgehogs in the garden that mum loves me to bring in for her to look at! 


I got to go to Crufts a few years back and thoroughly enjoyed myself with lots of people to pat me and admire me.  I didn't mind any of it really - nothing to get worked up about - more than could be said for mum! 


I love everyone and most dogs too. 


Al's Friends

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Things I love: Girl Labradors! Making puppies! Working days where I get to run all day! Sleeping upside down on the sofa! Food! Falling asleep by the fire!

Things I hate: The smell of alcohol! Police car sirens!

My favourite walks: Working days where I run all day - then come home and get to play with the rest of the pack! Mum says I am getting too old to play after a day working but I don't think so!

Other pets who share my home: The 5 other labs in my pack - well Murphy's pack leader but I am second in command! Sooty the cat, chucks and ducks, the rabbit and guinea pig!

My favourite saying: Who me!

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)
Type: Working Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 31/03/2001
Owner: big bad al