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Cassie's place

A Schnauzer tail!


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Cassie's Place - part two

Here's another picture of me - under the table. Well it seemed a pretty safe place to be when I'd only just arrived in this strange new place!



I was an only 'puppy' at this point and just about ran the place after a few days.



Little sister Sammie didn't arrive till later on.




Can you see me in the picture on the right? We were hiding behind the gate but only I had the sense to put my nose through the rails so I could be seen. You can hardly see Sammie - little sisters can be a bit thick sometimes.


Although, I  must say I would be totally lost without her now. On very cold evenings we sometimes snuggle up together in front of the fire.




Cassie was diagnosed with diabetes in 2016 but continued to have a very full and happy life until she lost her sight later on in the same year. As ever, she continued to explore around her with that sensitive nose and enjoyed her days in a different way. She was an especially cuddly girl and loved to be carried when tired. 


Our beautiful Cassie left us in February 2017 after a further very short illness. Sister Sammie was her companion to the end. 


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Things I love: Paddling in muddy puddles. Being cuddled.

Things I hate: Having a bath, being groomed and having to have my lead on!

My favourite walks: Anywhere so long as I can run free. I do rather like the beach though! My favourite 'everyday walk' near to where we live means I can run free through the long grass and there's also often loads of lovely (sometimes, very muddy) puddles for me to run through.

Other pets who share my home: My sister Sammie.

My favourite saying: Go on, chase me!!

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Past friend
Sex: Female
Owner: Dog Friendly Britain
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