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Suzi - Mum's Puppy dog

Sugar Babe - the Love of my Mum's Life


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April 2017

A few weeks ago I started to cough so Mum took me the doggy doctor he gave me antibiotics for 10 days, but my cough didn't go away; & when Mum took me back he said I was to have an X-ray so the next week I went back; was in for the day as I went for a sleep while it was.done. Mum came back in the afternoon; he told Mum that I had a mass in my lung. Mum was so upset, Martin the doggy doctor said he would refer me to the small animal hospital. When I went there Mum left me again, as I was to have a CT scan, so again I went for a little sleep until Mum came back for me. Doggy man just confirmed and said that I could have surgery to have it removed so Mum had to make the decision. We went back on the 12th April 2017, when Mum and I saw the Surgeon, he kept me as Mum wanted to make me better. Mum was so upset as I wasn't having surgery until the next morning. I was hungry but they fed and walked me but I was missing Mum as I normally slept on their bed. Next morning I went for a little sleep, while I was snoozing Cameron vet surgeon phoned my Mum to say it wasn't good and that she had three options, one was to remove the mass but he didn't know what quality of life I would have or not to remove it and neither would make me any better and the third option was to let me go to Rainbow bridge while I was asleep. Mum decided that this was the best option for me as I was already sleeping and I didn't suffer...she didn't want me to just went for a little sleep that morning and didn't wake up. I know that Mum will be so upset as I was her precious special girl she told me that all the time and that she will be shedding tears and missing me lots.... missing you Mum xx My eyes are getting heavy now, my time has come to leave, but one thing I must tell you as you stay behind to grieve... Mum you always did your best for me, your love it knew no end, I really was a Lucky Dog to have you as my Friend. I see how much you miss me now, your days seem bleak & bare, I know you well, your heart is big, you still have love to share. So Mum please don't sit and cry for me, we'll meet around the bend til then another Lucky Dog is waiting for a Friend.........miss you lots xx loved you to the moon & back


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Things I love: Lying at the window when Mum is out to watch for her coming back. Sometimes pretend that I am sleeping here, I toast in the sun but then it can get too hot so then I have to move to the couch where Mum has left my doggy blanket it too is so cosy to sleep on. Lots and lots of cuddles from Mum. FOOD, and my Beddy Bear it goes everywhere with me. Going in the car - and being spoiled.!! Going for WALKS we are out about 4 times a day. My Mum - just spoils me lots

Things I hate: Having a Bath!!! But now its the shower as our bath has gone!! Being brushed Going to be groomed Fireworks!!!!!!. Neighbour's CAT in my GARDEN

My favourite walks: Going to the Beach at Prestwick, other times we go to the park or the playing fields. I used to run away from Mum and she would get angry with me but I've not done it for a while. In fact Mum says I'm really good now.

Other pets who share my home: NONE at the moment! but Mum is always saying she would like another 'puppy dog' but there could only be one like ME and I really don't want to share my MUM ..... so maybe she won't bother as Dad says NO WAY!! as he says that one of me is enough for them! Guess I'm an 'only' dog

My favourite saying: Where's Beddy Bear? Going for a walk?? Do you want something? That's when I get a Treat Do you want to come with me that's when Mum takes me in the CAR

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 15/05/2004
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: christined
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