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Another Schnauzer Tail!


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Sammie's page two - too!

Well whoever would have though it! I've now got a second page. Isn't that great?


Do you know what that must mean?


You can all have more than one page as well!


You can have three, or four, or even more...


Do get your people to let you add more news about what you've all been doing.


We heard all about that Schnauzer Fun Day that we couldn't get to - it looked wicked! So if any of you lot have more pictures then there's no excuse to not add them now. You can have a new page for every outing or, one for each month or, one for every holiday ....well , I'm sure you get the general idea.


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Sammie's page two - too!
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Sammie's Friends

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Things I love: Eating my breakfast. Eating my dinner. Loads and loads of cuddles!

Things I hate: Getting wet - I like paddling but I don't like being rained on! Not being fed.

My favourite walks: Any beach, 'cause we usually get a couple of chips each, after the walk!

Other pets who share my home: My big sister Cassie.

My favourite saying: Dinner time!

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Owner: Dog Friendly Britain
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