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The Wet Nose Society is a social networking site especially for dogs hosted by Dog Friendly Britain and is open to anyone in the world who owns a dog. It is absolutely free and because all email addresses are hidden you can rest assured that you will not expose your address to spammers.

Each dog can have a page of his/her own with lots of detail about likes and dislikes, breed, favourite walks and any other information that you think may be of interest. Plus, you can add as many photos of your pet as you wish with descriptions and explanations if required.

We've made the site very easy to use so, even if you are a bit of a technophobe, please have a go! Once your page is approved it will be launched onto the world wide web for all the world to see.

There are only three rules:
  1. Your content should always be respectful and inoffensive
  2. Usage is limited to private individuals only (commercial entries will not be approved)
  3. You must own or have permission to use any pictures which you upload

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