It's true that one of the biggest hurdles to businesses welcoming dogs is the behaviour of a minority of dog owners. So, whilst we are sure that users of the Dog Friendly Britain site are already responsible owners, we are including a few friendly tips to help ensure that dog-friendly venues continue to be so and perhaps encourage other, less enlightened, establishments to open their doors to dogs!

It might seem obvious - but it's worth mentioning for new dog owners - when booking a holiday remember to let the proprietor know that you will be taking your dog(s) with you.

Whatever type of accommodation you are staying in, whether it be a hotel, self-catering, b&b or a touring or camp site please remember to please READ the rules & regulations. If you are not allowed to leave dogs unattended in self-catering accommodation and you want to eat out - DO remember that it is always worth asking in local pubs if dogs are allowed. There are many pubs out there that do allow dogs in the bar and also serve delicious food. Please encourage them to let other owners know that dogs are allowed inside - it can be very good for their business!

ALWAYS pick up after your dog. Leaving 'IT!' behind is unpleasant and liable to make people more Dog UN-friendly - DON'T DO IT! Please arm yourself with pooh bags and use them. Remember beaches are not exempt – you should still PICK IT UP!

Dogs should be kept under control at all times – if they are liable to run after sheep or other animals then keep them on a lead.

If you allow your dog to run riot anywhere you may well be charged for any damage - don't try and blame anyone else – your dog is your responsibility!

We can provide FREE 'Well Behaved Dogs - Welcome Here!' stickers for any businesses that would like them.

PLEASE - DO encourage any Dog Friendly accommodation, pubs & dining places, local shops, days out, in fact, just about anywhere in Britain that is dog friendly, to take advantage of the FREE advertising on the Dog Friendly Britain website.