What are the regulations for allowing dogs into pubs and restaurants?

We contacted the Food Standard Agency to find out exactly what the rules and regulations regarding dogs being allowed into pubs and restaurants are. This is their explanation of where dogs are allowed in regard to cafes/restaurants/pubs/hotels etc: 

People who want to allow dogs in their cafe / pub /restaurant / hotel etc "must provide adequate precautions where food is prepared, handled or stored"

They must also contact their own local authority for "guide lines"
 We requested copies of any leaflets which explained more fully what the rules and regulations are and was told there's nothing available in print!  However, the rule seems to be that you should not allow dogs in the area where you are preparing, handling or storing the food but it is fine for them to be in the area where the food is actually served (but please remember you must check with your own local authority to check their specific rules and regs.) .

Fortunately for us dog lovers, we do know that there are a lot of eating places & guest houses etc. that do allow dogs inside. So, we know that it is possible to allow dogs INSIDE cafes, restaurants, pubs and hotels & guest houses and that dogs, and their owners, do not have to sit outside in the cold and the rain. Nor do we have to tie-up our beloved dogs outside with a possibility of them being stolen.

As dog owners we should appreciate that every proprietor has the right to choose whether or not they want to allow dogs BUT when someone quotes – for example - "we can't have dogs because of EEC rules" may be we could just gently say that whilst we appreciate their decision not to allow dogs, actually, no such law* exists”.

NB * the information contained in this article was correct at the time of writing. However, we suggest that you check the information with your own local authority.