CSJ urges - keep pets safe with pet treats!

CSJ is urging pet owners to be extra vigilant over Xmas and New Year.  

Owner Ceri Rundle says, “No one wants a poorly pet or a vet bill over the holidays so owners need to be extra careful to keep products such as chocolate or grapes and raisins well out of reach.

She goes on, “With all the excitement it’s particularly easy for clever dogs to grab a sneaky mouthful of something dropped or lying around.  Equally warn visitors, especially children, not to innocently pop a sweetie (or several) into the ever-ready mouth of that dear little dog with the beseeching eyes! 

Everyone wants their pet to share in the fun and most owners will give their dogs Xmas presents so please make sure they are specifically for pets – not humans.  

At CSJ we have a delicious range of natural and healthy treats to choose from including Training Tips made from 80% venison, wild boar, bison and beef with blackcurrant and cranberry and Fish’n’Hips which contain 70% white fish and are super tasty but low in fat so ideal for older or overweight dogs.

So have a happy Xmas and New Year by keeping treats to pets to pet treats! 

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