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No Ake! tincture - hits pain where it hurts!

No Ake! tincture - the potent herbal tincture for dogs getting over injury or experiencing acute joint stiffness - has succeeded in relieving pain without the need for expensive medicines or resorting to steroids.  

CSJ say, “It is a highly potent herb extract that is aimed at the nutritional maintenance of the dog's musculo-skeletal system and in particular the inflammatory response.  
We decided to put our hugely popular dry herb mix into liquid form due to demand and now dog owners are telling us they have been so thrilled with results on their dogs they have also been using it themselves too!
Based on Devil’s Claw Root, No Ake! tincture is highly potent and targets the musculo-skeletal system and in particular the inflammatory response so owners do need to be aware that it can mask pain.
The added bonus of No Ake! tincture is that it won’t upset the dog’s tummy whilst providing the extra help the dog needs in extreme circumstances.” 
At just £15.90 for a 250ml container No Ake! tincture is made from human grade herbs and is an invaluable addition to any dog owner’s store cupboard! 
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