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What are the regulations for allowing dogs into pubs and restaurants?
We contacted the Food Standard Agency to find out exactly what the rules and regulations regarding dogs being allowed into pubs and restaurants are. This is their explanation of where dogs are allowed in regard to cafes/restaurants/pubs/hotels etc:  People who want to allow dogs in their cafe / pub /restaurant / hotel etc   read more

Domestic dog origins challenged
The suggestion that the domestic dog originated in East Asia has been challenged. The huge genetic diversity of dogs found in East Asia had led many scientists to conclude that domestication began there. But new research published in the journal PNAS shows the DNA of dogs in African villages is just as varied. An international group of   read more

The Wet Nose Society
The Wet Nose Society is a social networking site especially for dogs, and is hosted by Dog Friendly Britain. It is open to anyone in the world who owns a dog. Each dog can have a page of his/her own with lots of detail about likes and dislikes, breed, favourite walks and any other information that you think   read more

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